guilt, a heavy burden  

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8/18/2005 6:33 am

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guilt, a heavy burden

I left San Antonio this May, after having been there for almost 4 years. When I did, my ex-girlfriend and I had 2 dogs and a cat, and we just assumed that the realty company would renew the lease. We could not have been more wrong. My ex and I did everything we could to find homes for the animals (and before you ask if we did the "free to good home" thing. No. For some reason, dogfighting is popular in San Antonio, and to be honest, you can't tell who is sick enough to do that to a dog.) So we both contacted the no-kill shelters, only to be told that they had no room and wouldn't for quite some time. My ex did everything she could from her end in SA, and I did everything I could from here in Baltimore. Finally, she was out of time and had no choice but to call San Antonio Animal Control to pick up the dogs. (Daniel a 5 year old purebred German Shepard, and Trouble, a 2 year old mutt) When I heard this, I called the SA animal control, explained the situaion, and they told me the dogs would have 10 working days to be adopted. I worked almost 24 hours a day until I found someone willing to take the dogs. When the woman called animal control on 7-4 (the dogs were picked up on 6-27), she was told they had been out down the day before. How does this make 10 working days? And unfotunately, San Antonio leads the country (yes, the entire US of A) in animal euthanasia. There really needs to be some changes in Texas regarding the way animals are treated.

And yes, I feel guilty about my dogs, not a day goes by that I don't cry over what happened to them, and I will have to carry the shame and guilt with me for the rest of my life. I only hope that I can atone one day and that the boys will hopefully forgive me.

Talk about a heavy burden. And it gets heavier every day.

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