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2/15/2006 11:12 pm

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Hi, I'm looking for single slender, athletic, or muscular young guys 21 to 42, with long strong hard thick cocks, and cute butts. I like frenching, fondling, balloon foreplay, cock and ass play, fucking, etc. I love to play and experiment.

Balloonatic2 49M

2/27/2006 11:21 pm

Hi, like I said before one of the things I like is balloon foreplay. The other day I thought I would have some fun so I started blowing up balloons.
I started by blowing up some 12" pear-shaped! Well this started something. My cock stood up and started looking!
The harder I blew, the bigger it got! So I tied off my balloons and put them in the bathtub, and then...
I took a 16" balloon, and I started to blow it up! Then I sat on it while continuing to blow it up, my cock still standing up looking and wondering if it would get to play piercing and popping the balloons!
Then as I blew harder and harder on that 16", the balloon was so big, that the neck was sticking way out! I tied it off. And then...
I took 12" balloons and I started blowing and blowing, as I started bouncing on the huge overinflated 16" balloon! My cock hard and throbbing, as I bounce and blow!
POW! I start blowing again. POW! And again. POW! My cock throbbing, and throbbing, and throbbing!
When POW! The 16" balloon explodes tickling my pussy (ass).
Not knowing how much more I can stand, I jump in the bathtub, that is full of tight twelve 12" balloons, and I start fucking and popping as many balloons as fast as I can!
Then BOOM!

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