Wow can I go back to bed now and sleep....  

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7/2/2006 4:24 pm

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7/3/2006 5:23 pm

Wow can I go back to bed now and sleep....

What a weekend!!! Friday night was pretty a couple of movies out and watched them in my movie room snuggled in my loves arms. Saturday night...well that was an experience!! watched fireworks with my family...i love watching other people's money go up in flames.. and was enjoying a few drinks and then an invite to Beachfront Hotel to meet a couple from here and see how we go...

Needless to say we must have made a great impression...or at least we think so because we ended up a tangled love knot of sucking and fucking and licking and man was in his

Well after orgasms aside we said goodbye and in a sexual haze we drove home and collapsed in our bed. The next morning we went to the Supercars and I spent it mostly in a recovery mode barely gripping the edges of reality. My girlfriend was there and she wanted me to go out that night...I nearly keeled over at the mere mention!! Yipes!!!

So I told her I was barely there in person let alone up for another night. I was so fried from the night before.

My guy is still reeling with what he did the other night and it still blows his mind we are even doing this....but one good thing has come out of this....judging by her moans and desperate grab for him to fuck her he believes me even moreso now that he is a great endeth the lesson grasshopper...LMAO

hjblknyt 37M

7/3/2006 1:49 pm

Sounds Like fun I had an interesting one myself.

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