Thrice is nice...  

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5/22/2006 3:33 pm

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Thrice is nice...

I slowly opened the door so as not to make a sound..the rushing of the water swirling into the drain muffled any noise the door would make. A sliver of space allowed my eyes to take in the sight of his glorious nakedness, wet and the heady scent of his bodywash tickled my nose. As the water washed away his day, the night was still so young. As he was washing his face I knew his eyes would be closed as the hot water sprayed down on his handsome was then I reached in and flicked off the light. Lucky for me the shower door opens silently, I reached for his handsome face still rough, he hasn't shaved yet, startled but very familiar to my touch he relaxed again and opened his eyes to darkness and my now wet body pressed against his naked torso and kissed him deeply.

His hands caressed my body and lifted my wet shirt over my head allowing my erect nipples to savour the heat of the water. Pulling at my wet knickers they clung firmly to my thighs so I reached for them to assist his increasing demand for them to fall to the ground. Tongues massaging and caressing the others he gently turned me around and hitched my hips to allow me and him to fuck...and fuck we did.

Handprints on the shower glass and my leg hitched higher to pump me deeper...we killed the water to wrestle to the floor of the bedroom so I could ride his swollen cock and grind down on his wet body...slippery were we and loving it.
As droplets of water bounced off our bodies I begged to bent over again as he knew exaclty how I liked it...hard and deep. He pushed me further down the bed and threw my legs in the air firmly placing his arms as a brace so as to fuck me deeper still. I pinched his nipples in delight and grabbed him to kiss me deeply...he was close and I wanted it. I pushed him back and told him I wanted him to come on me...on my glistening breasts..I want a pearl necklace..I grinned wickedly...he never denied my wants.

Welcome home babe!!!!

rm_hunka99 44M
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5/22/2006 8:07 pm

Very nice....look forward to my next shower....grrr

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