Naughty yet satisfying  

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7/23/2006 5:35 pm

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Naughty yet satisfying

My hubby and I went out on Saturday night and had a blast...I love going out with him. We are the perfect couple, I connect with him on so many levels. He is my knight in shining armour and I treasure every second I have with him. My man spoils my senses, heart, soul and mind at every opportunity. He reminds me everyday of how much he loves me and appreciates the little things I do...not for validation just because I can. He enriches my existance and everytime I look into my children's eyes I am reminded of how much love I have in this world.

How lovey dovey you might say..others may prefer the instantaneous gag reflux which may or may not occur after reading the first paragraph...which I completely understand!! I do tend to gush when I start to think about him...*sigh*...but now for the juicy bits!!

We were out in town had a few drinks and started to get frisky...PAUSE!!

BTW I am sick to death of going to a non-smoking bar only to be nasally by ignorant wannabe teens and whoever else who thinks that to light one of those disgusting cancer sticks in said bar is some sort of rebellious act therefore cool or just plain arrogant....IT'S NOT!! And yes I will always have no shame in marching up to you and telling you to put that out or just fuck off and suck at your cancer sticks elsewhere...if I choose to enter a smoking establishment then yeah iI enter at own risk and keep my mouth want to smoke in a non-smoker environment then be warned I will confront you!!! Can you tell I am a reformed smoker??

we will now return to our scheduled debauchery...

After get hot and heavy in the know the moves..grinding up against his hardness as we danced...sly brushes of clear deviousness against my body. I grabbed his hand and said come with me...

I took him to a secluded spot to where we have a great view of the lights below and proceeded to unbuckle his belt and pull down those jeans and his cock was ready...I licked and sucked till he could bear no more he bent me over..pinched my nipples and thrust his throbbing cock into my slippery was good!!! All the while we knew someone could have had a similar inclination and could have driven to same spot only to be greeted with my white ass and his swollen cock pumping away...but hey we weren't going to stop...but rather fuck harder...

Well that was one itch scratched we moved on to a different club...and although the atmosphere seemed to lack the vibe we enjoy ...we decided to create a vibe all on our own..we slipped into a booth and I proceeded to suck on that cock again, maybe we were seen maybe not but nonetheless I am so glad home was nearby because we got so worked up we made a quick dash home to fuck furiously and play with some of our toys...BLISS!! So that was my weekend drop another couple or was that three more orgasms each in there and some recovery junk food and voila a great weekend was had!!

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