Fuck at a drop of a hat....  

Balibabe19 41F
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6/13/2006 4:20 pm
Fuck at a drop of a hat....

Why is it some people believe that just because I agree to meet you we will fuck just as soon as I get your name??

I am far more approachable if you get to know me and at the very least make me laugh!! There is however plenty of girls who will meet you and fuck within 30 minutes...they can be contacted usually by mobile and insist payment is to be made first...they are commonly referred to as HOOKERS!!!!!

And as for the those sexy texts I get now and then asking me if I can just pop out for a quikie...i fail to see how that can be appealing other than the humour in attempting to get me off in less than 15 minutes because we all know it won't happen..and you hope I will drop everything and get you off in a similar amount of time!!! GET REAL!!!

I am far from being bitchy but just a heads up for those men who have been operating this way...IT'S A TURN OFF!!! and futile to try and hook up with me if you think it's a winner...that was my two cents worth...

If you do want a great tip..in order to hook up and play... be real and be yourself...would you wanna get laid any other way??

Unless of course you like role playing games, in which case I can play too...once I know who you are..lol

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