Call me Madame Lash  

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7/17/2006 4:49 pm

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Call me Madame Lash

I wonder sometimes if i could allow my alter ego to become completely unleashed. I have come across several bloggers out there who happily admit they have alter egos. I usually end up analysing that but today I won't as i would like to explore this side of my personality.

I have a naturally dominant personality and I have found I am the type of person that people naturally gravitate towards once leadership is required. At my most modest I am a caring listener with hopefully advice or a shoulder wide enough to hold your tears. To some I maybe considered arrogant and pig headed and thats ok by me as I never try to be liked by everyone.

But my alter ego is some traits of my personality amplified. I often wonder if I could completely unleash her. Her pet name is Madame Lash..that name in itself personifies her. A strong, dramatic figure that commands submissive behaviour and will not tolerate non-compliance. Is she scary? I hope not..She is dominant not domineering..she is confident..not arrogant..she knows what she wants...not selfish.

I highlight submissive behaviour because Madame Lash does not tolerate challenges to her desires. She does not require weak willed people to service her but moreso strong creatures who understand how a desire is to be met. She is a vixen which will send your senses to heaven and drag you back down to hell for a scorching reminder that she is in control. Madame Lash comes and goes as she pleases..I have no idea how to conjure her nor do I know how to extinguish her thirst....what I do know is that she has left people completely breathless when she decides to play!

Do you have an alter ego?

rm_badzone_nt 45M

7/18/2006 12:16 am

i am a strong creature for i am in the bad zone!

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