Another weekend...YAY!!! Time to play.....  

Balibabe19 41F
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5/4/2006 4:46 pm

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5/16/2006 11:44 pm

Another weekend...YAY!!! Time to play.....

Sitting in anticipation of this weekend... as I hoping to meet up with a couple and one guy I have been chatting to for ages and he is the nicest guy. The whole thought of this lifestyle is just titilating to say the least...even the getting ready part excites me...getting primped and preened...who doesn't like to look thier best but without goin overboard and morphing into somebody you are not...but that idea can be very enticing...picture this...

As she stepped out from the steaming shower the water slid down her freshly shaved legs...and the cool air tickled her warm smooth pussy. Gently patting dry her breasts she gazed in the mirror and wondered what tonite would bring. The cream was cool to the touch and warmed quickly as she smoothed over her body the deliciously scented treat. Tracing her fingers across the delicate lace, contemplating on which one will make her lover smile with delight..tapping the fire engine red panties, the matching low cut bra was pulled from the drawer.

Wriggling into her lingerie thinking about what tingles would be sent through her body as the thought of having them peeled off again with teeth was so arousing...quickly grabbing the little black dress and red stillettoes...quick dash of perfume and out the door.

Nerves of excitement and anticipation tickled her senses..but the warm sensation of the ice cold vodka she had sipped gave her the courage to continue...she knocked on the door.

"Hi" his voice was deep and firm..his eyes firmly fixed on hers...but not without smiling and gesturing to come inside. He was dressed casually but well chosen..she always found a crisp white shirt with jeans just dreamy especially with an ass like she sat on the couch he came from behind and passed her drink...icy cold..he remembered! He lingered briefly at her ear and whispered "You scent is wonderful, I know you will taste even better!" instantly goose bumps prickled her body.

Gently he pulled her from the couch and began to circle her just inches from her body, slowly caressing her thighs with his warm hands. Flicking one strap of her dress off her shoulders and placing his finger under her bra strap and running it under so as it fell to the side, it did not snap back...he was skilled...

The zipper offered no resistance as he took it from top to bottom offering a preview of her delicate panties. He grinned like a cheshire cat as he was about to pounce..

Firmly pushing her against the wall he kissed her, soft at first, slow and warm. Soon his kisses were deeper, stronger and demanded more. She swiftly pulled off his shirt in one movement and left his chest open for her hands to massage her prize. His pulled her thigh closer and pushed his aroused state against her soft flesh. He was hard and ready..slipping a finger into her crimson lace he felt the warm slippery reception he knew he could stir in her..tracing that same finger around her lips his eagerness was consumed with lust.

Thrusting deep inside, her insatiable pussy she grabbed his hips, nails digging into his firm ass...she begged him for deeper and harder. Tongues entertwining as both lips caressed and massaged the others. He wanted deeper, he knew she was close, grabbed a pillow and shoved it under her hips, she loved that, he knew it. Her grip was becoming stronger and he knew all he had to do was restrain a few more seconds...

Moaning loudly she buried her cries in his chest as this was his cue to throb deeply and thrust for the last time as the sensitivity would allow no more...for now.

funandlaughs74 42M
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5/5/2006 12:42 am

Hi Balibabe,

Love your imagination. You could probably sell stories like that. Will have to continue reading your blogs.


hjblknyt 37M

5/5/2006 7:56 am

I would like to know who this guy is... lucky bloke is all I can say.

Wish it were me or wish someone thoguht like that about me

chat some time


Kata69M 54M

5/8/2006 4:55 pm

Balibabe, you are an articulate writer I too have a way with words but busy days at work stifle my creativity. My partner had alover this was my first encounter with swinging as such (not really tho as I was only involved through her stories) your little story reminded me so much of this. I longed for her to ready herself it was exciting to know what she was going to do without knowing exactly what,if ya know what I mean. Any way her lover not on the scene, we both busy and I feel things have cooled off all round. I would love to have someone excitedly anticipating an encouter with me. I lived off the buzz of her excitement But would like some of my own. I am not accomplished lover only, ever been with my partner since school days. But wish oh wish for a occaisional dalliance with a person like yourself. Anyway good to be able to get this out.

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