To the Climax in three days  

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1/20/2006 2:40 am

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To the Climax in three days

Was it the most amazing thing ever? I'm not sure. It was one of the best things ever, that I'm sure of.
Have you ever had Sex, but you got so exhausted that you weren't able to finish? You got to a point where both of you just couldn't move anymore, where you'd just stop in the middle of the act, holding each other tight, trying to grasp for air, and then, without getting to the very top, but having reached a beautiful, oh wonderful high, just letting go, feeling good about yourself and your partner, feeling in love, simply letting go, lying on your back feeling air circulating in and out of your body, simply not wanting anything anymore, just being satisfied, left without desire?! Eyes closed, your mind dissapeared to nowhereland without thought and judgement, for a moment, and then opening your eyelids, looking to the side and seeing a most beautiful woman lying next to you feeling just the same? That was on the first day.
So on the second day was it the same; after making beautiful love for a long time, moving slowly, moving fast, playing with, teasing each other, reaching such a beautiful high, not wanting to come down anymore, nor looking to move up away from it, so wonderful it was.
The man I am, oh menace, lustern beast, urge overcame me and, just before exhausting to the point of physical limitation I ejaculated, still moving, my mind as hers not set to finish this beautiful act, not yet being ready, not yet having reached what we both had felt that was to come. A physical act, done by will but without any passion, simply all too, is earthly the right word?, earthly, fleshy, manly, animally. I was embarassed, felt ashamed to just have used her for, it needs to be said that way, a jerk off. She looked at me; nothing had happended, this painful embarassment, she took it and simply made it vanishing into nothingness. We lay down and fell asleep, deep, not for long, though for making the next day come soon.
All things had disappeared around, candles shone projecting shadows of the two lovers in motion in soft contours to the walls that closed off their warmly glooming bed room to the rest of the world. All things had disappeared, only her, just him, loving, in a sea of warm and moist, of magic lust, two molten to one, creating such movement as to dissolve from this not appearing in any other or any other's reality. Different from yesterday or any day, moving together knowing not the difference between her and his body, loosing mind flow loosing everything, dissolving to nothing. Mind elevation, mind evaporation.......don't destroy it trying to describe it.
An orgasm, built in three knights of love.

I should not be allowed to write it down, but can't I say it to anybody I'll explode. If not releasing these thoughts to anywhere they will forever be stuck, leaving me unable to work, to eat to....let's just leave it at that.

Something like this is not what can be had in short encounter......but what do I know!?

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