Getting your ass-licked  

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2/25/2006 9:57 pm

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Getting your ass-licked

Have you ever gotten your ass licked?
How was it? Did you enjoy it?

Just a few days ago for the first time I enjoyed someone licking my ass.
We met in the evening at that bar. A friend took me there, it was the first time I went there, and I had the luck of meeting this one beautiful girl. Me beig shy, she actually came up to talk to me, a petite girl wearing a one piece dress fitting tight to her tiny structures, showing every detail of her slim corpse, only haning by two straps over her shoulders. Her face fairly beautiful, though I couldn't say that I would have seriously put thought into talking to her had she not picked me up. Her nose being typically taiwanese, a cute little stubbie, her hair being shiny and straight, well taken care of as could be seen easily, her face, though almost professionaly made up with cosmetics, you could tell by tiny lines around her eyes that she must be in her early to mid thrities. She asked my name, where I come from, I invited her for a drink and we talked for a while, until she suddenly stopped talking in the middle of a sentence, moving her head, her nose towards the exit. She nodded in this direction a few times, me not realizing that she was trying to make me lead her out ot the loud and overcrowded bar. She finally lost patience, took me by her hand and led out instead.
As always a number of taxis were waiting for custmers taking a late ride home outside at the side of the road. We picked the first one and took a seat in the back of a comfortable new Camry with DVD screen on the back of the driver's and the passenger seat.
The taxi driver said something in Chinese to us and she said something back in Chinese, then turned her head to me; "Where do you live"? A bit surprised by her being so straight it took me a while until I, whith my funny accent, put a few sentences in Chinese together and instructed the driver where to go. They both looked at me, a bit astonished, the driver repeating the adress to me, then strating to drive. It was the first time this night that I was able to notice her losing her lead a bit. You speak Chinese? Why, how did you learn to speak so well? She kept on speaking English, anyways. Answering her in Chinese, it took a bit longer and she changed to her Motherlanguage as well. As a result she all of a sudden lost all her previous tension and instead of talking the usual small talk that migth have lead us to bed anyways and to a short sexual encounter, waking the next morning it having been nothing special, she loosened up,the pupils of her eyes opening up, the slim arms, her back and the tiny shoulders loosening and her lips creating a beautiful smile, giving warm character to the previous standard, TV-aquired, expression on her face.
She started talking about her life, being married, not getting the satisfaction she needed from her husband, him being so concentrated on career, money making and pleasing his boss, half the time being away on travels to their factory in Vietnam. Only once in a while loneliness and sexual dissatisfaction brought her out, looking for a little sexual encounter. It's not that she always got satisfied, many of those one night stands ending in just this quickie with a stranger, leaving her disappointed and with no desire for more, actually making her dull enough for the next few months to not wanting to go out until the natural urges and her uncertainty about her attractiveness pull her by the arm, into the bar and next to somebody who will deliver a hard cock, and a creamy ending.
This tiny lady, being, not so you understand that wrong, so professional and concentrated on the usual until that point started glooming with character, making her just about double as attractive, revieling a side of her, hidden so well, I wouldn't have expected anything like that.
Well, after over half an hours taxi ride, I pay the our driver off and lead her to the entry door to the big complex of apartments. We take the lift to the 6th floor, I open the door to the two bedroom apartment, entering the living room, outfitted with a carpet, very unsusual for Taiwan, and two fluffy IKEA sofas. "Where is the bed room?" she asks. "Go take a shower tidy up yourself and your love mattres and wait in your room. I'll take a shower later and will join you later. You are in for a special treat my funny foreigner man". She is back on program, her body being tense again, her mind set on a plan she's unwilling to share with me for now. One thing is different still, the expression on her face has not changed, her lips smiling, being gloomy and a bit wet, her eyes shiny, telling me that I'm in for something out of the ordinary.
I shower, dry up, haning the towel around my waist afterwards and tidy the bed by changing new sheets, using fragrance pillows under the sleeping pillows, giving the room a romantic touch by lighting candles all around the room so to create a soft light which accents the bodies beautiful curves.
She enters the room, giving me an approving nod, quickly disappearing to the bath room, which is a closed off part of the bed room. I put on soft piano music and wait for her to shower as well. As she comes out it is immediately that I notice her having cleaned off the make up on her face. Surprised at first I take a second look, and I have to tell her; "You have a real beautiful face." She's bare naked, more beautiful than when she was wearing the long dress, her body being small, but her features in perfect proportion which each other. She smiles and then tells me to take off my towel, which I'm still wearing, "and lay on your back. I want your back flat on the mattress and your hands along the side of your body - and I don't want you to move! O.k.?!" The tone of her voice is joyful and strict at the same time, giving out peasure on what she is intending to do, revealing that she definitely means what she's saying. I lay down.
She pulls out a tube of body lotion that I had bought about a month ago at the Body Shop with fruity fresh peach aroma. I'd hardly ever used it, but tonight it came in very handy. She pours the lotion on my abdomen and I feel a bit surprised; the lotion doesn't have room temperature like normal, but actually feels quite warm on the skin. She'd used a bath of hot water in the bathroom to get the lotion to this temperature. Sliding over the belly with her hands, covering the belly with warm lotion, she continues by pouring it over my, by now, erected penis. Her hands held together forming a little hole with fingers and palms, she starts stroking my cock, the warm lotion giving it a feeling as it was her moist and warm Vagina I had entered, moving in and out of it as she stroked her soft, warm hands. I was aroused,my love cepter growing with the blood from all my body shooting into that love muscle of mine. I started moaning, in a deep tone of voice, wanting to move my hands to touch her, my lips to kiss every love spot on her slim body. As she felt my hands moving, immediately she looked me in the eyes in honest - "Turn around, on all fours! I want you on all fours, like a dog!" I turned, as she said. Reality was gone, I couldn't remember what had happened just before, didn't know what was going to happen with me, but simply followed her rule.
She started pouring warm lotion over my butt cheeks, sligthly massaging them, then suddenly opening one cheek pouring lotion right in the crack. It was still very warm, and after tightening up for a second because not being used to such a feeling on this part of my body, I gave into her and let happen what was about to happen. She used her fingers and slid them through the crack a few times before starting to kiss my cheeks with her lips, slowly moving towards the crack with her tongue. Being entranced by her treating me I felt the pulsing of blood through my cock the crazy ticklyshness on my ass hole and an insane arousment that left me not thinking, not acting upon my mind, but only feeling, reacting to her touch and follwoing her lead.
"Turn away I want to be under you!" She used some of the lotion on her pussy and directed me to enter her. I was taken off being treated and she made me treat her now. Slowly I moved my erected muscle over her pussy, noticing that she wasn't yet ready for me to enter. She didn't want me to use my mouth, but instead took my hand and put them where she wanted to be stimulated. Slowly and very gendtly I used two fingers, spread them slightly, moving in circles, back and forth over her closed pussy lips. Feeling the moist inside her love groove slowly coming to the surface, my fingers slid between her lips, opening them so for a third finger to slip in, gently and slowly massaging her kitzler in circle motion. It was the first time that she had let out a moan, and it pleased me very much to hear her like that.
She signed me to stop stimulating her with my fingers, but that she wanted me to enter her now.
Though leading me up to here, arousing me crazily, even instructing me on how to arouse her, I could feel that she got a bit nervous, while trying to enter her feeling her Vagina being moist though, but also tense. "You haven't had much experience with foreigner have you?" I ask her."Relax yourself, breath easily, lay down, let your tension go." I use the head of my cock only and stimulate her pussy lips and her kitzler by putting it, making her simply feel the pulsation of blood. Slowly I start using the head of my cock, entering slightly moving very slowly in and out. I don't push, but feel her slowly loosening up and move deeper and deeper with the tension inside her love groove slowly going away. It takes some time until I can enter her fully, slowly penetrating, back and forth, letting my penis pulsate inside her warm and wet pussy. Her love tunnel is still tight, having a tight grip around my cock. I move only slightly and very slowly,moving up and down instead of in and out, moving in circles, massaging her muscle.
"I want to turn around. Take me doggy style!" She goes on all fours, me with my longer legs entering her from above down. Her muscles grip onto my penis and the two parts moving at once, I can feel her G-point becoming firmer. Moving just slightly in and out it rubs agains the bottom of my cock head,stimulating and arousing me further even. Higher and higher, we are not moving in any sort of rythm nor are we moving in counsciencly at all. Moaning, telling words to each other we haven't made up in our minds we both go higher and higher, until she all of a sudden tightens her grip just to releasing it then and going into a loud moaning, not to say screaming. Her pussy muscles gripping so hardly on my cock for a second she takes me to the peak and I shoot out my load. Holding each other the high persists, us looking at each other, not being in control of our bodies entirely yet.
Releasing ourselves, we lay on our backs for a while, and suddenly she gets up. "I have to go. Thank you very much, it was great, and if I don't leave now it migth be that I won't leave anymore." She took a shower and got dressed before I could get my thoughts together, left and I haven't seen her ever since. Not even her phone number she gave me.
Thank you strange woman.

AtomicKisss 58M

2/25/2006 10:32 pm

Yip, we really enjoyed doing it and receiving it from each other.

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