Morning after..... Part 2  

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9/9/2006 9:42 am
Morning after..... Part 2

So where were we, yes I remember.....

We were kissing each other after he asked me to marry him and I said (nodded) Yes. He pulled out a little box containing the ring he had for me. He opened it, it was the ring I had been looking at about a week before, a simple solitaire diamond, with little amethysts around it. He knew my birth stone, and I started to cry. "How did you know this was the ring I wanted?" I asked. His reply, "I've seen you looking at it everyday for about a month, so I went in to the jeweler's and asked them to wrap it up for you. The sales lady asked if I knew you and I told her I didn't but that I did at the same time."

I was shocked. How could he know so much about me and I know so little about him. I finally asked him,"How do you know so much, if your not a stalker, and why if you've never talked to me or hung out with me?" He replied, "I have talked to you and hung out with you. I was in disguise I looked like this." He showed me a picture and it was this fat guy with bad acne and no fashion sense etc. He was the outcast guy and I made him feel cared for and wanted. And I accepted him when no one else would.

He fell for me then. He was actually working undercover for the police to bust a drug ring, and thats when we had met. So he told me. And he was trying to get in the back door as the dumb scap goat. Which of course back fired on the drug dealers so they caught them and he found me in the process. I looked at him, "How can I trust you, you lied to me. You didn't even tell me......" "You treated me as an equal, even though I was ugly, misfirgure, and fat. You cared for me and I didn't tell you cause I was trying to keep you safe. If you had known then, you could have been in serious danger and I couldn't have that. I could never put you in harms way.", he said cutting me off.

Just then dinner was brought out, "The first course", the waiter said. The waiter place the plates on the table, stuffed crap tarts topped with a bit of cranberry sauce, and a messcal salad(mixed wild greens salad for those that aren't chefs) with a cranberry raspberry vineagrette dressing. I took one bite and my taste buds were dancing. The flavours and aromas were enough to send me soaring. (I'm a chef and I appreaciate great food) Then he bent over a lifted the chanpange bottle out of the ice bucket and poured us some. Its taste was crisp and refreshing yet sweet as well.

I was still uneasy. I looked at him and really looked into his eyes and saw the man I had come to know and care about but the outside wasn't right. It was weird, strange looking at him someone totally different, yet comforting to know the man I fell in love with was also the man I was now extreamly attrackted to and that he was in love with me too. How can someone get over finding something like that out. I took a few deep breaths and then for some reason I became very peaceful about the situation and I wasn't worried about it anymore.

The waiter then appeared to take our plates away. This was a helpful distraction, I excused myself to go powder my nose(not really, but to go call my best friend and let her know that she should pull out the wedding guides and start planning).

I return and the waiter followed 2 minutes later with the main course which consisted of pomme duchess (Pipe potatoes with tomatoes chopped up really fine with seasoning and bakes), green beans in a pomigranate sauce, and pork tender loin with a marsella mushroom sauce. Of course everything was delicious and beautifully presented, and of course more champange.

We chatted some more and I felt completely at easy. He noticed that my guard had come down. He reached across the table and took my hand in his and started to carress it with his thumb and fingures. I was relaxing even more although it could have been the champange helping with that.

All to soon the waiter was next to me taking my dinner plates, soon to follow with dessert. I felt like I was just getting to know the man sitting acroos from me. It was strange I'd actually had known him for almost a year and yet I didn't know him at all. I'd never met his family or his real friends or knew what he did for a job. All I knew about him was that he was really good at pool and that we'd teamed up and had became the cities new pool sharks. I felt guilty about that now knowing he's an officer of the law but he never brought it up.

Out came dessert Ice Wine poached pears with homemade Ice Wine Ice Cream. It was off the charts amazing. The textures and flavours just balanced each other so well. I couldn't believe that he'd done all this for me. What man would spend almost all he had on a chance that I might say yes when I could have easily said NO. A man in LOVE, with ME.

Me a regular Canadian girl just here cause of what life threw my way. Someone who could disappear into the background or have been the centre of attention(not that I want that). Why cause I showed him kindness and got to know him when all I saw was a guy who had women that wouldn't even look at him twice cause of the way he looked, and he turned out to be Prince Charming. Wow how could I ever expected this as an out come......

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