Hmmm what to do....  

BadlitleGoodGirl 32F
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9/5/2006 2:34 am

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9/15/2006 4:37 am

Hmmm what to do....

Well my fellow readers I think its time to get creative again.

Sometime next week I'll be going out. Where I don't know. All I know is I'm going to be wearing my knee high hooker heal(that what their called in Canada) my short jean mini, my black top that slides down if I bend over and of course no knickers. I'll probably be at a pool hall. I love playing pool and its been a while since I've played.

One of my friends is suppose to meet up with me. Of course he'll come in from behind me and I'll be bent over the pool table making a shot. He'll slide his hands up my one leg, and up towards my ass, but he changes his mind and his hand slides forward and he starts to play with my pussy. Of course I'm enjoying this but I'm a bit shy when it comes to pda(public displays of affection) like that.

I finish the game with my pussy getting wet and starting to tingle with thinking of what we're going to be up to later. I go over to the booth he's grabed and have a drink of his beer. Looking at me he slides his hand back to where it was heading earlyer. God his fingers feel good touching my clit and sliding deeper into my wet hot pussy.

He pulls his hand out and lifts it to my mouth and I willing suck my juices off of his fingers. He looks at me knowing that I'll let him do anything to me and I will do anything I want to him too. His hand finds my wet pussy again and then he lifts me on to his lap. As I come down to sit on him, two finger slide into my tight little asshole. I moan as he moves them deeper into my hole. He starts speeding up moving his fingers around and in and out of my ass, he wispers in my ear, "Lets get out of here, I'm going to make you cum..." Hmmmm I like the sound of that.

We head to a quite place I know. Somewhere I can be as loud as I want(I'm a screamer). We barely make it through the door and he's got me pinned up against the wall facing it. I feel him rub his cock against me. It gets harder by the moment. Kissing my neck and sucking my ear lobes I get wetter.

My pussy juices are running down my legs. He starts to fuck my ass again with his fingers. Faster and faster and harder he goes. I feel myself cumming I cry out in pleasure, and he keeps it up. Cum running down my legs and down my hooker heals, he turns me round kisses me and then pushes me against the wall one leg over his shoulder the other one firmly on the ground, he starts to like the cum off my legs up and up and up till he reaches my clit and he starts......

I'm so sensitive it hunts but feels oh so good. I start cumming again and again and again, he loves it. He stops to give me and himself a rest. We go farther inside and go straight for the bed On the way cloths are being peeled off each other. I reach down to take off my heals and he stops me. He wispers again, "I've always wanted to fuck a hooker." Not that I am but he makes me feel like a porn star.

I get on my knees and take him into my mouth. Slowly I start sucking him, sliding him in and out of my eager mouth. Tongue teasing the tip of him sliding him down my throat, licking his balls, sucking on them. He gets harder and harder as I suck. I slide a finger in his ass and he lets out a moan as I suck harder as I slip it in. I then slide it out and suck on his balls and my tongue flicks his ass and he moans again. I start to suck on his ass. He tastes good, I go back to sucking his cock and slide my fingers back into his ass. He starts to cum in my mouth and I drink his sweet jucies all.

He's spent for now so we put on the basics and go outside to cool off. Have a glass of wine. Talk a bit about what we're going to do next.

Coming back inside we strip again and he looks at me and I notice he's hard already. Pulls me to him and start to kiss me and as he does he guides me to the bed lays me down lefts my legs over his shoulders and slides his hard cock into my pussy and starts to fuck my brains out. God he fucks so well. He flips me over and we go at it doggy style. Hmmmm I love it, then I feel him slip out and then starts to push himself in my ass. He fucks me so hard and keeps it up hard and fast, "GOD I'M CUMMING!!", I scream and just as I start cumming he blows his load deep in my ass. We collapse together on the bed and fall asleep in each others arms, keeping each other warm.

citizen4722 59M  
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9/6/2006 1:31 pm

It's so good that you've got the creative streak back. Judging by this story, It's really come a long way!!

Up4anything6938 54M

9/13/2006 4:27 am

You write so well! Please keep it up!?! I found your blog via a link to the Watersports interest group. Any plans to write along those lines?
I love to eat pussy and slip around to a nice tight asshole and probe it with my tongue and finger while stroking my womans clit till she comes and drives her sweet asshole further up my tongue.

If you want to explore direct I'll mail you a photo - not too far away by car for discreet meetings.

Keep going honey!

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