This is no job for a woman  

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This is no job for a woman

This is no job for a woman. Blah, blah, blah. There are better ways to make a living. Yada, yada, yada. It’s too dangerous. Whatever!

Lisa looked into the window again. No one was around so she pushed the window open, swung her leg up and around, and entered the apartment. She glanced around again just to be sure and then she started her scouting. He had entered through the bedroom window. The room had the standard sparseness of a bachelor: bed, dresser, TV. They would take the TV. ‘Is that an iPod next to the bed?’ They will take that too. Lisa always liked to see what these guys had on their iPods; many of them even had porn. Ever since she discovered this, whenever she is on the subway and some guy is staring intently at his iPod is just assumes he is watching porn.

Lisa moved into the “dining room” which was more of a home gym. More easy to pawn items here too. Good. Then she saw pictures on a table. She walked over to check them out. Yep, full body shots of a guy that took working out pretty seriously. Nice, very nice.

She moved into the living room. Ah, yes, the required big screen TV! And an excellent stereo, laptop, games, etc. They get good prices for all of it. Yes, a good work day.

Just then Lisa heard movement in the bathroom. ‘Damn!’ she was positive the place for empty. She moved over to the door and listened. Sounds like shaving reached her. Lisa was sure he was going to be coming out soon and would catch her. She had to think quickly. She saw his robe over the back of a chair by the bed. She picked it up and removed the belt. She tied one end in a slip knot. Held her breath and he opened the door. Quickly before he could register anything, Lisa looped the belt around one of his wrists and then tied it tight against the other. At the same time she used her foot to knock him off balance so he fell on the bed. Still holding on to one end of the belt, Lisa ran around the side of the bed, looped the belt around the top bar of the headboard. She used the leverage the headboard gave her to drag his body up onto the bed and tied it off. It only took her a couple seconds and he was securely tied to the bed. Lisa watched as his situation registered across his face and fear and then rage registered in his eyes. He started to thrash around trying to get loose. Lisa stepped back, making sure she was out of his reach, and admired her handiwork.

It was then that she realized that he was only wearing a towel wrapped around his waist when he exited the bathroom. Now, however, the towel had been pulled loose and was a useless bundle down by one knee. Lisa involuntarily licked her lips. He looked damn nice, still damp from a recent shower with little beads of water all over his skin. It made her want to lick every drop off of him. He even had an excellent cock, thick with a large head. He had a body built for fun . . . and games.

Just then Lisa realized he was watching her. She was very grateful for ski mask she was wearing that hid her identity and hopefully her thoughts.

John was having a normal day, just getting ready for work. He took a shower, shaved and was going into his bedroom to get dressed. Instead as he walked out of his bathroom someone jumped him, tied his hands and now he was lying tied to his own fucking bed. John fought against the tie. It looked like the belt to his own bathrobe, the one his ex had given her ‒ another reason to hate her. He was tied down and wasn’t going anywhere and now some asshole was standing there staring at his.

It was then that John realized that it was a chick standing over him. Completely dressed in black, jeans, turtleneck sweater and ski mask but he could still see her curves, lots of lovely curves. And she was checking him out, her eyes traveling slowly down the length of his body. He followed her glance and that’s when he realized he was naked. He looked back at her and she was licking her lips. She liked the view. Well good fucking for her!

John didn’t know if he was pissed or turned on, probably both.

Their eyes met and he could see her thought churning. He forgot about being pissed and now only wondered what she was going to do next. She looked down at his cock again and he made it jump. She smiled and he loved it. After all that was his nickname, “Jump”, he had skills. Too bad she wouldn’t find that out for herself.

She moved away from him and disappeared into his closet. What the fuck was going on now?

Lisa looked down on his cock and he made it jump. Instantly her pussy got wet and started to warm. Hmmm, this could be fun. But she needed to get this mask off which meant that he needed a blindfold.

Lisa headed for his closet and found two silk ties and returned to the bed. She saw the question in his eyes and smiled. This could be a lot of fun for both of them. She wrapped the tied around his head and gagged him with it. He struggled but was able to manage it. She then tried to wrap the other tie around him to blindfold him but he was struggling too much. Lisa needed leverage so she crawled up on the bed and straddled his chest.

He couldn’t believe it. She was sitting on his chest and he could feel the heat of her through her tight black pants. Fucking, is she wet?! It was just enough of a distraction that she was able to tie his own fucking tie around his eyes and he couldn’t see a damn thing. John struggled against the restraints again even though he knew it was pointless. He just needed to vent his frustration.

Lisa looked down at her work and admired it. ‘Yes’ she liked the way he looked like this, all vulnerable and helpless yet muscular with a very yummy cock.

She climbed off of him and stood next to the bed. She had some pretty kinky things in mind and was having second thoughts. Should she really do this? She took off the mask and shook her hair loose. It cascaded down her shoulders and back. She ran her fingers throw her hair and almost walked away from him and got back to work. Then he did it again, he made his cock jump, tempting him. That changed her mind back immediately.

Jump could feel her eyes on him, like she was trying to decide what to do next. He couldn’t help himself; he made his cock dance for her. He imagined her reaction and felt his cock start to get hard. All he could do now was wait to see what she was going to do next.

Then he heard some interesting movement. Was she undressing? What the hell?

Yes, Lisa was undressing. First she pulled the sweater over her head and tossed it on the floor. Her breast bounced in her black lace bra from the movement. She then bent over and removed her pants and tossed them aside as well. She stood in just matching panties and bra. She started to touch herself through her panties. This had been a fantasy of hers for awhile and she couldn’t believe she was about to do it.

But first she wanted him rock hard.

It was quiet, too quiet. Then Jump felt her hot breath on his cock. Instantly he was hard. The realization that he was tied to his bed, completely naked and she could do anything she wanted to him, anything. And it looked like she had some ideas, ideas he could really get into. Jump had never done anything like this and couldn’t wait to see where she was going. When he felt her tongue on the tip of his cock, he knew it was going some really good places.

Lisa lightly blew on his cock, enough to assure that he could feel her breath. Immediately his cock hardened and stiffened. A rush of power darted through her body. Her pulse quickened. She saw a drop of precum form on his head and she had to taste it. She reached out with just the tip of her tongue and licked it all up with one lap. She rolled her tongue back into her mouth and let the taste of him linger in her mouth. She savored it before swallowing. This was going to be a lot of fun.

Lisa removed the rest of her clothing and crawled up on the bed, straddled him and lowered her pussy onto the length of his cock. Her lips seemed to wrap themselves around him. She rubbed herself against him and then lowered the rest of her body onto his. She heard him moan through the gag and she felt that rush of power again.

Jump felt first her hot, wet pussy wrap itself around his cock. He could feel how turned on she was and how much she wanted this. He didn’t know what game she was playing and couldn’t wait to find out. Then she lowered her body onto his and he felt her entire naked body against his. Wet pussy and hard nipples, his favorites.

Then she started to rub her pussy against the length of his cock from his balls up to his head. Then she kept moving further up, rubbing her pussy against his stomach, belly button, and chest. He couldn’t breathe from the sensation of her moistness on his skin. She paused on his chest, her tits against his face, and just moved up and down. He desperately wished that he didn’t have this fucking gag in his mouth or he’d be sucking those tits so hard she’d be begging him.

Lisa was loving this. She could feel his body shuddering he wanted her so urgently. But she needed him too, needed him to lick and suck her pussy. She sat back on his chest not even caring if she was too heavy. Lisa tried to untie the gag but it wouldn’t give at first. She was about to scream she was so frustrated. Then it gave and she whipped it off of him. Before he could even register that it was gone, she sat on his face and he breathed her pussy lips into his mouth.

That fucking gag was gone and replaced with something a hell of a lot better, the salty sweet taste of her pussy. He quickly said a thank you prayer to God and sucked her cream soaked lips. Practically her entire weight was on his mouth and her thighs were gripping the sides of his head. His entire world had shrunk down to one dripping, sizzling vulva and he couldn’t imagine a better world to live in. He reached out with his tongue and licked at her lips. He was rewarded with a short, hard intake of breath and deep moans that he felt vibrate against his mouth. He felt his cock bob and dance against his abs. Fuck he was rock fucking hard. He loved to eat pussy, his absolute favorite meal and he was going to make her scream.

Jump continued to lick her lips up and down as she moaned. He wished his hands were free so he could pull her harder down against his face. Instead he pushed his tongue between her lips and licked her from opening to clit and back, pressing his tongue hard against that tender spot just above her opening. Then he slid his tongue into her and moved it around in circles. He heard her moan “oh God” and felt her lean forward to grip the headboard.

He loved this, driving a woman crazy. His favorite meal.

He sucked the taste of her into his mouth. He wanted more, he wanted to taste her cum. He moved his tongue slowly up the center of her to her clit. He traced the alphabet with just the very tip of his tongue, enough contact to drive her crazy but not make her cum . . . yet. She started to buck against him, mindlessly saying “oh, God” over and over again. When Jump finished the alphabet he started over but this time with the flat base of his tongue, like he was licking an ice cream cone. He knew this would send her over the edge. When he got to the letter “d” she writhed and stiffened as she was overcome by the orgasm. He continued to trace the alphabet against her clit even as she started to beg him. And then he felt the second orgasm start before the first had even subsided. She was panting and moaning as he concluded the alphabet and let the orgasms finish rolling through her body.

She sat there on his face. She couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think, could just feel. She was pretty sure she had never cum like that before, two so close together. Lisa let out a deep sigh and left herself just enough so that she could shift forward. She wanted to feel him eat her cum. He started licked and sucked up all her cum, even dipping into her to make sure he got all of it. She loved it, fucking love it, having her cum eaten. She could feel how hungry he was for it and it got her going again.

Lisa thought about what to do next. She loved being eaten from behind. Hmmm. She lifted herself off of him and got off of him. She turned around and straddled him. This time her ass was right over his face. He immediately reached out with his tongue and started to lick her. She moved her ass back and forth, rubbing her ass and then pussy against his mouth. She thought she was going to go crazy but she loved it.

This girl was a freak and he was loving it. Now she was rubbing her ass and pussy against his face and he was licking every inch. His arms were starting to get numb but he couldn’t give a shit. This was a sweet ass and juicy pussy and he wanted more.

She stopped moving and let him lick her. He pushed his tongue in one hole, then she shifted and he put it in the other. One and then the other he fucker her and every time he entered her she moaned for more.

Lisa was in love with his tongue. It knew all the right places to go and what to do when it got there. Her entire body felt liquid and balmy. She didn’t realize that her eyes had been closed the entire time. She opened them and there was his cock. It was huge and thick, every vein popping out. There was even more prescum for her to taste. He reached out and wrapped her hand about his cock just below the head and squeezed gently. She was rewarded with a few more drops. She laid her body down his and reached out with her tongue. She slowly made circles around the head, teasing herself as much as him. Then she kissed the tip and sucked his juice into her mouth. She sucked harder until his head penetrated her. She continued to suck on him as she licked the tiny opening. His mouth left her pussy just long enough for him to moan. She felt his hot breath against her wet lips and thighs.

She released his cock and blew gently against it. His cock twitched and he moaned again. Lisa smiled to herself and pushed her clit against his mouth. She wanted him to suck her.

Jump could take a hint. He reached up to her clit with his tongue, made a couple little circles and then sucked it lightly. He felt a new rush of moisture run down his mouth and cheeks. She was licking the shaft of his cock now and it was making him dizzy. She could feel how much she was enjoying it ‒ men always know and he cared. She loved the taste of his cum and his cock. She was licking him like her favorite lollypop or ice cream cone. Her mouth returned to the head of his cock and she blew on it lightly. It was like a thousand electrical currents going through his cock, body then brain. She then licked his from head to balls and sucked both of them into her mouth, first softly and then harder and harder, pulling on them. He knew he was going to cum soon if she kept this up. Her mouth left his balls but was quickly replaced by her hand cupping, rubbing and gently pulling.

Her mouth returned to the head and licked it. She started to make those fucking little circles again. He didn’t want games anymore. He just wanted his cock in her mouth. She seemed to sense this and he heard and felt his laugh.

It was then that he realized that he had stopped sucking her clit. He was so absorbed in what she was doing that he had forgotten. As soon as her clit was back in his mouth and she was sucking on it again, she took the entire length of him in her mouth. One long thrust and the head of his cock was against the back of his throat. He was so stunned he almost cam but she was pulling him back out in time to his sucking of her clit.

That’s all I could do tonight. More later.

rm_masseur1947 69M

5/24/2006 12:25 pm

Wow! Thangs for that blog. I was really there wit h both Lisa and Jump. The little circles warmed me knowing how these skills warmed her. Thanks again anticipating the More later.

1ande4u 39F

5/24/2006 1:34 pm

Loved it! You are a natural! You could probably sell these stories they are so good! Can't wait to read more!

SirMounts 102M

6/3/2006 1:17 am

My, is this a blog, or a novel? *winking*
A warm welcome to blogging, Babycakes3Ds. *smiling*

ErgotBasteCajun 42M
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6/14/2006 1:47 pm

Wow, you have some imagination and writing style. Ibarely made it through the blog.. Talk about rock hard....Fantastic kyle

rm_joevolf 55M
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8/6/2006 12:10 pm

great story, Cat burglar gets what she really needs

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