Suit In The Elevator - Part 1  

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Suit In The Elevator - Part 1

I’ve seen him in my building’s elevator dozens of times. There was nothing particular distinct about him. He was average looking, attractive and always perfectly groomed. He wore a mean suit but that is standard operating procedure on Wall Street. He was a bit tall for the New York City area, a bit over 6 feet. He looked like he had a nice body but one can’t real tell in a suit. All of his suits are conservative, blacks, navies, and grays. The standard button down dress shirts he wears are in vibrant shades ranging from white to egg shell to cream. The only displays of individualism in his suits are his ties; fine, sensual fabrics in rich enticing colors.

Sensual ties were no explanation for the effect that he has on me, me and my pussy. There is something in his stance or his aura or vibe or something that whenever we were in the elevator together my pussy would warm and moisten. For weeks only polite, impersonal glances were exchanged, like any two strangers about to share a 25 floor descent.

After a couple rides I noticed him checking out my shoes and legs. At first unconsciously and then very deliberately I started to modify the woman’s version of the standard-issue Wall Street suit to “suit” his tastes. My shoes got a little sexier, just barely staying on the right side but definitely pushing the boundary of appropriate footwear at work. My pant suits became skirt suits. On the once or twice a week that we would ride the elevator together, his eyes would acknowledge the wardrobe change. They would linger progressively longer on my legs and my skirts keep getting a little shorter and shorter each week or so to encourage longer and longer looks.

I realized what I was doing when my feet ached but I wouldn’t change by shoes before leaving the building just in case he was in the elevator, and that every time the bell to the elevator would ding my pussy would start to get wet in anticipation.

It was silly. Crazy. But I couldn’t seem to stop myself. I liked the game we were playing and that ‒ somehow ‒ he was in charge.

On one of the most important days of my life, the elevator dinged, I savored the feeling of my pussy wetting in anticipation. I hadn’t seen Suit (as I started to call him in my head) in days but my pussy didn’t care. The doors slid open. He looked up. My pussy contracted and then released more moisture against my lips. I stepped into the elevator. He casually looked me over, not raking, but very politely. His eyes smiled their appreciation while absolutely nothing in his stance, demeanor or expression change. I got wetter still.

We were the only ones in the elevator as the doors closed. It physically hurt to do so but I stood a polite, respectful distance from him. I swear I could feel his eyes on my legs and ass. I couldn’t move. If I did I was afraid I would enact the nasty, sweaty scenario playing across my imagination.

The elevator stopped at the next floor and 6 chatty people got into the elevator, forcing me to back up against the wall, my ass lightly pressed against the railing. I was now standing just to the right of Suit.

Every nerve in my body vibrated with his presence. So close. I could shift my weight to my left and my thigh would be against his.

I needed to focus, to get a fucking grip.

22nd floor.

I adjusted my stance and was now standing more upright, feet hip width apart, exactly the way they taught us in finishing school. Most importantly the railing was no longer pressing into my ass reminding me of the feeling of a man’s thighs and hips against my ass as he takes me from behind.

As the doors closed and we departed from the 21st floor I felt a feather light touch on the back of my left thigh. At first I was certain I was imagining it. Then it became more firm. Through my skirt and stockings I could feel the heat and need of his fingers. I wanted to scream and knew my body was vibrating. My pussy was soaking my panties. Thank God I was wearing them or I’d be dripping down my thighs as his fingers moved down my skirt to the exposed skin. I took a deep breath and waited to see where those ghostly fingers were going next. And next they moved under the hem of my skirt and up my thigh, moving ever slowly closer to the center.

19th floor and more people. I quickly glance around to assure no one is noticing.

His fingers have made it to the crest of my ass. Everything in my body and soul desperately wanted to lean back onto his hand but I knew he would remove his hand if I did. His game, his rules, my soaking wet pussy.

18th floor and his finger were cupping my ass checks, his middle finger moving back and forth along the cleft. The extra sensation that my panties added to his finger made it all the more sensual ‒ and naughty.

17th floor two more people entered and the elevator was officially full.

His middle finger started to slowly, painfully inch forward. I was conflicted. At once I wanted him to fully understand and feel against his fingers the intensity of my need for him, his fingers, his mouth, his cock. On the other hand, there was that nagging voice instilled in all women that I should feel ashamed of my lust and all the natural ways my body reacted to it. My lust won out and I didn’t pull away as his middle finger inched to the beginning of my lips. He started to move just the tip of his finger back and forth against that tiny, tingling area, like he was making the “come here” gesture against my lips. I wanted to grid my pussy against his hand and beg him, offer him money, offer him anything he wanted to slide the finger ‒ maybe two or three ‒ deep into my pussy.

Very carefully I shifted my weight again to give him better access to my pussy.

12th floor ‒ I blinked. Where had all the floors gone?!

To show his appreciation for the greater access, he moved his entire hand forward. His middle finger was now just under the opening of my pussy. There was no way that he could not feel that my panties were not moist but were soaking wet. I hoped he could also feel how hot I was. There was no doubt that he knew he was the cause. He started to repeat the “come here” gesture against my opening. The teasing was tantalizing and torture all at once.

11th floor and Suit was slowly curving just the tip of his finger up, then back down, then up.

10th floor, the doors open but there isn’t room. His finger is still taunting me.

9th floor, we stop again, still no room at the inn. I am thanking God for all the unnecessary stops that are prolonging the torture of my pussy, mind and soul. His movements haven’t changed.

8th floor, the useless ritual of the end of the day is repeated and another passenger, a man, glances back at me. Does he notice the agony that I am under? Can he smell my lust in that way that men instinctive do? No, he’s checking out my tits. This is nothing new. They are huge 38DDDs and since they arrive 5 minutes before I do, even the straightest women and gayest men notice them. But why he is unable to stop glancing over his shoulder is that my suit coat is open exposing my tailored button down pink dress shirt and the rock hard nipples protruding from my round ample breasts. He unconsciously licks his lips right after looking away again. I know that look. He can’t decide what he wants more: to lick, suck and nibble on my tits while I ride him; or lay his cock between them, have me push them together while he fucks them until he cums on my face and tits. From the way he is shifting his position, I’m pretty sure he decided on both.

Before I know it the doors are opening on the 6th floor. Suit’s fingers continued their torture of my pussy until the tit-man looked away. Then perfectly on queue his finger started to push against my panties pushing them against my pussy and into my parting lips. I want to gasp. I want to bend my knees, sitting on his hand and forcing his finger and my panties inside of me. Now I’m also thinking I want tit-man to watch.

5th floor and he has pushed my panties past my lips and into my pussy. My entire pussy is on fire and I know that even the lightest touch against my clit and I’d be cumming, cumming hard.

4th floor and his finger wrapped in my panties plunges deeper so that his finger is inside of me up to the first knuckle.

3rd floor and he starts that God-damn “come here” gesture inside me. Time is passing too quickly and I want more. A lot more.

2nd floor, the doors close again and his finger thrusts hard into me, his palm flat and firm against my ass. I want to hump him but the next thing I know his hand is sliding out and way.

1st floor and the crowd start to exit. Tit-man glances back once more, and then turns left towards the security gates, lobby and outside doors. I fall into line. Exit the elevator and turn left. I can feel my juices break through the barrier of my panties and start to coat my thighs. I am wet and slick and desperately needy. I feel him right behind me. I scan my ID badge to exit and push through the turnstile. After that elevator ride, even the pressure of the cold steel bar against my thigh is erotic. I continue across the lobby and through the revolving doors. I am so slick and wet I’m afraid I’m going to lose my balance and fall. As I exit the revolving doors, the combined heat of July and Manhattan slap against my legs and nipples, and exhale against my pussy. ‘I’m hotter and far more humid then you’, I mentally say to the weather and City. I feel Suit exit behind me and turn to the right, toward the subway. He doesn’t acknowledge me at all but I know that he has my scent on his fingers and probably in his mouth by now.

I turn to the left and walk the block and a half to the ferry. Usually the ferry ride home to New Jersey is my favorite time of the day. I let the rhythm of the waves wash away every thought of work and prepare my mind and body for home. But on this trip the waves taunt me just like his fucking finger. I churn through my masturbation options. I can’t rub my briefcase against my pussy. I can’t hump the handrails. Both are too public. There are no private places for me to go and jack off. All I can do is suffer while the boat bobs against the waves.

When I get to the station in Jersey I quickly walk, almost jog, to the cab stand. I am hopelessly impatient as I wait for the cab, it stops in front of my home, I pay for it and rush inside my apartment. I don’t collect my mail; say ‘hi’ to my dog, nothing, just straight to my bedroom. Without removing any clothing or even lying down, I grab my vibrator out of the drawer in the nightstand and thrust it into my still dripping wet, sizzling pussy. Standing there next to the bed I ride it until I cum. My mind is so filled with thoughts and images of Suit that one orgasm is not even closed to enough. What I wanted more than anything else in that elevator was for Suit to push me against the wall of the elevator, enter me from behind and fuck me like this was the last pussy he was ever going to get. So I pushed the dildo deeper, as deep as I could take it, bent over with my hands on my bed and my ass firmly against the wall behind me. When I moved forward the dildo would slide out of me. Then I would push back hard against the wall until I cried out. Again and again Suit and the wall fucked me hard. I cam again and it dripped out around the cock and down my open thighs. More, I needed more. I remembered tit-man and, I was so focused on my pussy that for the first time noticed that my tits were hard and full. I stood up just enough to rip off my suit coat and threw it somewhere. My nipples were so hard that they hurt, actually throbbed. I moved my hips so the dildo was making shallow thrusts into my pussy as I unbuttoned my dress shirt and made it join my suit coat. I took a deep breath and thrust against the cock in my pussy a little harder, gripping it tight with my pussy walls, so tight I almost lost my balance. I paused just enough to take off my bra and release my tits. I bent back over the bed, pressed back until my ass was firmly against the wall (imagining that it was really pressed against Suit’s legs and hips), and let my tits fall to the cover of the bed. The slightly scratchy material brushed my nipples and I knew I was close to cumming again. I started the short thrusts again. This time the dildo completely inside of me and my hips moving me just barely off the wall and then hard back against it, making little slapping sounds with each impact. “Fuck! Me!” I screamed in surprised as another orgasm took over my entire body. I cam so hard that when I reopened my eyes I was lying face down on the bed, skirt up around my waist, ass up and the cock sticking out of my pussy between my thighs. When I pictured myself, I had to laugh at the ridiculousness of it and wonder what Suit would say (or do) if he could see me now.

Now that I had taken the edge off, I could do this masturbation thing properly. I removed the cock and laid it down on the bed. I kicked off my shoes and finished undressing. I love to be completely naked when I jack off. I lay down on the bed, face up and legs wide. I closed my eyes and slowly moved the head of the dildo around my pussy lips and let my body involuntarily move and thrust against it. I used my other hand to part the outer lips and give the cock access to the far more sensitive inner lips. Tight little circles around my lips, opening and clit. My ass was rubbing against the bed as my pussy moved against the cock. Then I took it and slid it into me and my pussy formed a death grip on it. I tightened against it, then released and then tightened again making the head bob and bounce against my g-spot. I moaned and my free hand moved up to my tit and squeezed my nipple in time to the clutching my pussy was doing to the cock. I could feel the dildo dance against my thighs ‒ and another orgasm building. My hand let go of the dildo and it was only held in place with my pussy. My other hand grabbed my right tit and started squeezing the nipple. And my whole body rolled and bucked with the intensity of the orgasm. I just knew that if that cock wasn’t in me I would have shot cum all over the bed. Instead of letting the orgasm finish in its normal dissention, I pulled the cock out of me, quickly turned on the vibrator and placed it over my clit. Before the first orgasm ended another started to take over my body. I continued to squeeze my left nipple and roll it between my fingers. I wasn’t done yet. I dipped the cock in my pussy to collect the cum and then ran the vibrating tip up my lips slowly and then made little circles over my clit. My brain was so rattled by the force of the orgasms that I didn’t have the brain power to fantasize. All I knew was that my body was craving more and more cum and I had to deliver. The circles I was making over my clit got smaller until the vibrator was almost staying in one spot as my body bucked and I moaned through another orgasm. My cum dripped out of my pussy and down my ass cheeks. I took a couple moments to savor it but knew I couldn’t wait too long ‒ I needed even more. I rolled over onto my stomach and went half way up on my knees. My face was down on the bed while my ass was in the air. I reached around and started to fuck myself again with the dildo. The vibrator was still on making each thrust so much more intense. I started to thrust harder so that my own hand was slapping against my ass. I had never done this before and was surprised by how much it turned me on. I had liked it when the men who fucked me slapped my ass but this was different. Another orgasm was building and my clit was feeling lonely. I laid down flat against the bed, spreading my legs further apart so that my pussy was firmly against the sheets and mattress. Other times I had used a pillow but at that moment I couldn’t waste the time. I continued to thrust the cock into my pussy from behind, hard, so hard that is almost hurt. It made my hand slap against my ass over and over again. The thrusts also pushed my red hot pussy against the sheets. I reached down and spread my lips and then lay back down. Now my clit was making direct contact with the bed. I continued to fuck and spank myself until another orgasm washed over my body, curling my toes. I laid there and let the heat of the orgasm ebb. I was finally exhausted.

I took an inventory. My nipples were sore. My ass was pink. My pussy was insanely wet and still had a cock sticking out it. I used my muscles to push it out and felt my cum drip down my lips and onto the bed. That almost had me going again.

Slowly I got up, threw clothes on and got back to my usually routine.

For the rest of that night I successfully pushed any more thoughts of Suit out of my mind. After all, he had given me the most intense public sex experience of my life and several orgasms (I had lost count) and I knew this was just the beginning.

Starting the very next day I prepared a surprise for Suit for the next time we met in the elevator and he decided to play. Unfortunately it was now eight business days since our last encounter. And every fucking time that God damn bell dinged my pussy contracted and dampened, every fucking time to the point that I was starting to get pissed at it. On the 8th day, I stood at the elevator door waiting for it to arrive and started to regret my decision to not masturbate again until I had another encounter with Suit. I made that insane commitment because I wanted to heighten our next encounter even more by increasing my need. I usually jack off every other day or so and come three or four times each (God, I love being a woman). So abstaining for eight business suit days or twelve real days was literally killing me. I was starting to look longingly at copy and washing machines, imagining riding them while I fingered my clit. I was starting to get short tempered and soon even people at work would notice. That is why I promised myself a nasty, sweaty self-fucking session when I got home.

Instead when the elevator dinged and the doors opened Suit was there all alone. This time his reaction was more than just smiling eyes. He licked his lips too, slowly, like he was letting me know that he sucked his fingers dry after the last time we met and was hungry for more. As I entered the elevator his stance and posture remained firm and solid. He was letting me know that he was still in charge. His game, his rules. My pussy started to throb and I shifted my weight back and forth, not hiding the fact that I was rubbing myself. Then I turned and stood exactly where I had before, against the back wall just to his right. The doors slid shut and I couldn’t wait for him to discover the surprise I had in store for him; I knew he would love it as much as I would.

CrashnBern 58F

5/11/2006 9:54 pm

oh yeah..thats good...I used to have this crush on a lawyer in ny(manhattan) God He was hot!!

Babycakes3Ds replies on 5/13/2006 4:49 pm:
123, I know! Aren't men in suits unbelieveably HOT?!!

I luv your pics, too.

1ande4u 39F

5/13/2006 7:02 am

That was an incredibly HOT story. I read it and got very turned on. When my husband got home I pulled it up again so that I could read it to him. We are both anxiously awaiting the next part to the story. Your story was very well written. We were able to get wonderful images. Thank you for sharing and PLEASE write the next part SOON!

Babycakes3Ds replies on 5/13/2006 4:42 pm:
1ande4u, thanks! you have no idea how HOT I got writing it - well, maybe you do. I will write part two very soon. I can't wait myself!

rm_joevolf 55M
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8/6/2006 12:18 pm

great story you should be writing trashy romance novles

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