Impossibility # 1  

Babybluaynjel 31F
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9/30/2005 6:19 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Impossibility # 1

2 years ago, I was in a relationship with someone who vowed to grow up after we had found out that I was pregnant. That didn't happen. He hurt me, and I ended up loosing the child via natural causes (No TA). He has recently started sending me messages on MSN again, trying to worm his way back into my life - knowing full well I still think about the way he'd make me scream.. and so far, he's been the only one who's been able to. Ah well. There's really no chance for him - and he's just not getting the point.

Impossibilty # 1 - If you do what he did to me, there is no chance on earth for you.

rm_Photo555 57M
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10/3/2005 11:26 pm

I maybe older, but there is a good possibility I can make you Scream in Pleasure too. You just never know what the possibilities are, until you give it a try. Occassionally, a good explosion of SExual Realese is what we all need. Give it some thought. I'm single and available to teach you a few things.

bigred4499 60M
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10/6/2005 5:01 pm

Sad Story Hopefully u will someone better for you

rm_ryan6061 36M
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10/28/2005 1:59 pm

That's a shame. Men are assholes. I'd be willing to try and make it up to you... and I promise, I can make you scream.

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