Yayy! It's the weekend!  

BabyFace25 37F
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4/29/2006 7:08 am
Yayy! It's the weekend!

So I survived yesterday. I am so glad. I had this group project/presentation yesterday and was really scared because the Board of Nursing evaluated it...pressure!

Last night we (the child and myself) arrived home, hung out with the neighbors for a bit, had a beer and went upstairs.

Much to my surprise (this is soooo unlike J), he turns on the "babysitter" (television) and finds me undressing in the bedroom, closes the door and proceeds to seduce me into a quickie. I am totally appalled because that is so unlike him, but he proceeds to bend me over the bed and shag me silly for ten minutes until I am begging him to stop. That was out of the blue and totally unexpected, but thoroughly enjoyed!

So I was totally wiped out the rest of the night and fell asleep on the sofa at like 8 PM. I am getting old!!!

So to repay the favor, I woke him up at 9 AM with a nice blow job. How nice...

Not much in store for the weekend. Have to do some errands around the house and do some family things. Lovely.

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