Oh My God What A Day!!!  

BabyFace25 37F
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4/26/2006 6:49 pm
Oh My God What A Day!!!

I should have learned my lesson from the other site...oh well

Well, it looks like I will be blogging here from now on because I shut off my other blog

I use my blog as a journal, to write what I am feeling, the day's events, what is on my mind, etc. Bad idea. A couple of weeks ago some drama unfolded in the neighborhood and I posted about it (no names, nothing) Well I get these berating messages from a family member of the person I bitched about. I was cool until she threatened my child and used their name with an obscenity. Well, I blew my top. I ran the gamut of emotions: scream, cry, yell, holler, etc.

So needless to say I have canceled the other blog and won't be on that site anymore. It's a shame because I really enjoyed it.

Oh well, it wasn't really sexy, but made me feel better, which matters in the long run

Good night

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