young and hyper seductive action!!  

BabeyLicioso 29F
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7/7/2006 9:55 pm
young and hyper seductive action!!

im just 19..
he.. actually 18.. hehe

but i have this stupid heroic seductive action..

i seduce every guy!! except guys that`s not my type..

and if u think ur my type of guy.. seduce me before i seduce u!! hhaha

eventually,, i will not entertain guys that stupid.. look for me just to have sex

on the other part of my mind says that sex is stupid..

i hate sex.. haha believe it?? dont!! ill say ure stupid if u do..

i love to seduce!!

ii can seduce loads of guys with having sex with them.. believe it.. this time i won`t say u stupid..

hurm.. u wont see me arnd for awhile.. cox..i dunt noe.. if i feel like wanting to get my delicioso wetty pussy online.. ill be online.. but don espect me to be by ur side all the time.. but ill be most of the time

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