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10/30/2005 1:41 am

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Willie's World of Black & White

Read my profile and know what I'm about. If you don't like the profile, you probably should not be here. Form my German friends and there are quite a few...sorry but I have to do this in English because my written German just isn’t great.

Everything I write will be 100% true and will never endanger the discretion of my friends!!

SO this desire to enjoy sexual experiences with couples..it seems so many guys on AdultFriendFinder just say they do then back out before it gets real...
Me.. I love it when it works. Sitting back with a couple that you meet and discussing life and lusts..sex and what turns you on. Couples live together and are safe, clean and careful because they don't need to be picking up disease from their fun activities and I certainly don't want to bring anything home and ruin my adventure. I like people who are presentable and intelligent, but I'm no adonis..hehe..aint ugle either...but the beauty comes from within..same place the intelligence and desires come from.

I'll stop here and write more later...sooner if you show interest and inspire me to tell you more.

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