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This is a portion of a short story I wrote long ago. In it are two poems, since I couldn't post yesterday. Enjoy. If you want to read the whole story, email me and I will send it.


Listening to the wind howl, he felt the cold sting of the truth of life. All things come in a circle, life, love, pain, guilt, faith.... all of it. But the sad truth is that the circle is never closed without pain. Pain is always present.
Feeling the pain in his side, he rose to look into the bed chamber as he waited. He thought he saw a movement inside, but it was only the wind, blowing the curtain about as it whispered through the night.
Listening intently, he heard foot steps as they neared the door. Watching closely, he saw the door open and light flood the darkened room. He saw his princess light a candle on the chest near her bed and sit down sadly, shedding the many tears that come with jaded love.
He listened as she cried out emotionally, as if speaking to the wind.
"Why must I be forced to feel this way? I do not love him nor will I ever!" she cried aloud. "I will die before I take him."
She put her hands to her face and fell back upon the large bed and sobbed relentlessly. The wind blew in again and the candle was snuffed like a star on a cloudy night.
Stepping inside, he reached for her as the door opened once again. Quickly stepping behind the curtain, he listened to the voice as it spoke.
"You will take my hand in marriage, or I will see you dead as I saw your lowly lover die!" the baron belted out.
"Never! Never will I take you!" she yelled, balling her fists in rage.
As the baron approached the bed, he raised his arm as if to strike her.
Seeing this, the shadow of the curtain struck out savagely, taking the baron onto the end of his blade, twisting it mercilessly into the flesh of the demon.
Stepping back to let the body crumple to the ground, he was struck blindly, feeling a sharp pain as the knife entered his body.
Falling to his knees, he called out.
"My love, why have you done this?" he asked.
Hearing the voice, she struggled to light the candle again as she felt her heart squeezed within her. Fearing her worst fears had come to life, she quickly went to his side.
Seeing his face in the candle light, she began sobbing as she held him in her arms.
"My love, I did not know it was you," she softly spoke as she sobbed. "If only I had known, I could have prevented this."
She felt the blood spreading on her, knowing his wound was mortal. She felt the icy fingers of death gripping his body as he trembled in her grasp.
Speaking through pursed lips, as his life force ebbed like the cold tide that had saved him, he spoke to her one last time.
"I have something for you. A poem of my love for you that I had written when I lost you," he said softly. "I knew you would not leave me, but you would come to me..."
"My love, I shall never leave you," she whispered into his dying ear.
"In my tunic it lies, next to my heart where I carry your passions and love," he said as he felt the coldness upon him.
Reaching in and grasping the parchment, she felt his light breath upon her cheek.
She listened to the last words he would ever speak.
".... come to me.... sweet... ecstasy......." and the cold wave of life took him upon her crest and carried his soul into oblivion.
She sat with him until the sun began to rise, the bedchamber growing cold from the bitter wind. As the sun rose above the far horizon, she opened the parchment, untying the small red ribbon and smoothing it on upon his chest. She began sobbing as she read the words....

Capturing you was the greatest moment,
o'er the life that I have known,
making my journey worthwhile,
enchanted by the passions you have shown...
Time has her way with life,
opening many doors we do not see,
masking our steps as we walk,
entering the journal of eternity...
Seeking your love has been my quest,
whispering our passions to the forgotten wind,
emptying my heart into yours,
each time I remember you once again...
To hold you in my grasp,
enraptured with passionate delight,
created the burning desire within me,
sending me out into the cold night...
To you my love I send these words,
as my heart seeks my destiny,
surging passions return me to steal,
you are my sweet ecstasy...

The words melted into her soul like a hot knife into a wax candle. Letting the parchment fall to the floor, she laid him back upon the floor. His eyes were closed as a small smile was formed on his spattered lips. She knew what she must do.
Picking up the knife that lay upon the floor next to him, gripping the blood covered hilt in her hand, she turned away from him as she began her journey.
She began scratching letters into the stone floor where the warm sunlight shone through the portal. Scratching with the tip, she wrote her last words....

My heart pours my passions forth,
yearning to right my dreadful wrong,
listen to the wind blow softly my love,
o'er the hills she sings our song...
victims of unrequited faith in love,
escaping the trappings of our time,
returning to each others hearts,
Idealizing true love is our crime...
attesting to our faithfulness,
misguided emotions of others arise,
calling our passions insane,
oft mistaking our passionate prize...
many times we have held each other,
in time it is called an eternity,
necessity of love calls my name,
giving you the gift of sweet ecstasy...

Closing her eyes as she scratched the last letter, she felt her pulse slow down, as she gripped the hilt in her hand.
Time would have her way………



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It is sad...but the truth is that true love knows no boundaries...even death.


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