The begining...  

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The begining...

The wind howled long into the cold misty night. Rising to stand tall and shake the cold from his shoulders, he looked into the thinning fog. Stepping onto the trail again, he began his journey once more.
It had been several nights since he had set foot on the soil of his motherland, but several months since he had felt the warmth of her kiss. Feeling his blood surge within, he quickened his stride as he moved through the night air. He returned to the thought of jaded heart and how this nightmare had begun.
It was a warm summer eve that he had wandered down to the stream in search of a place to cool off. Quickly disrobing, he stepped into the deep pool and began stroking his arms. Feeling his pulse rise to his strenuous motion, he traversed the pool in an ever widening circle, unaware of the eyes that were upon him.
Hidden in the tall grasses on the pool's far side, there lay a fair maiden and her servant. Watching intently as he swam the length of the pool and back, the maiden wished upon her soul she could know this man. Struck by his handsome form and by his physical prowess, she felt a tremor deep within. Too many nights spent in a lonely room overlooking the land had cast shadows on her passions. Shadows that now lifted with the rising lightness in her chest. Feeling her pulse rise, she quickly dispatched her servant back to the castle. Whispering to her, she forced her to vow secrecy of this day.
"You shall not tell a soul, young Lydia," she whispered. "For today I shall have what I have hoped and dreamt of for years."
"Yes, my lady," Lydia replied with a light giggle, "He is a
dream answered to a lonely woman. I shall do as you ask."
Rising swiftly and moving away from the pool, the young servant left the maiden to her wishes.
As she lay in wait watching, the maiden danced with the warm, thoughts in her mind. Thoughts of being held, of being kissed, deeply and passionately, of being taken away into the night and escaping her prison. Dreamily, she drifted into a land far far away and wished for capture.
As she watched, the young thief of her passions stepped from the pool and began to dry himself vehemently. As he stroked the dripping water from his body, she gasped at the firmness of his physique.
Hearing the gasp, he quickly gathered his clothing and sword and asked who was there.
"It is only I," she answered, "a maiden of yon village, come to bathe upon the waters of life."
"What is your name and the name of yon village?" he asked.
"I am only a humble servant with no name known to a lord such as your self Sire," she replied.
"Stand and show yourself," he requested, "For I must look upon the sweet voice I hear."
Rising from the grasses were she lay, she stepped forward to the edge of the pool. Exposing her breathtaking beauty, she slipped her robe from her shoulders and entered the water's edge. As she swam to the center of the pool, he quickly stepped into the water himself. Stroking to meet her, he felt his pulse rise yet again.
"She is the most beautiful maid servant to grace this green earth," he thought. "A true blessing to a lowly vassal such as me." Stroking faster, he met her in the center of the pool and caught her in his arms. Looking deep into her eyes, not speaking a word, he felt her warm passionate lips against his as his pulse quickened even more.
Writhing in the sweet ecstasy of passionate bliss, not knowing their names, they joined in a union of love and desire that gravity alone could not separate.
Carrying her from the waters, he cautiously stepped onto the grassy edge and carried her into the field. Laying her in the soft grass, he felt her pulling him down by her side and felt her lips yet again. Soothing warmth, fiery desire, consuming passion! All eating at their hearts and souls like a brushfire in an autumn wind. Rising to seize the moment, they grasp their emotions and ran with them like candles in the wind.
Feeling the rushing tide of new found love, each held on until the sky began to darken. Realizing she would be missed if not back by sunset, the maiden quickly gathered her thoughts and stood. Following her as if he knew her own mind, they walked back to their clothing and began to dress. Taking his hand, she began to lead him toward the village. Speaking softly, she explained who she was.
"In truth I am the king's daughter," she said. "I am the only princess of the land. I have lived my life in court or in the lonely lodging of my father. I have no companions or love," she explained.
Taking her hand and falling to his knee, he kissed her hand and spoke of love.
"My princess, sweeter than the morning dew," he attested. "I have no royal blood in my body, nor nobility in my soul, but my heart runs with the blood of burning passion and the fiery desire of love."
"I can not offer you a castle of stones, but I can give the foundation of my heart for you to rest your love and passions upon," he said.
"I can not give you priceless jewels and riches, but I can give you the priceless love you seek, the riches and treasures of true love," he stated.
"I can not make the sun rise and set, but I can offer you the warmth of living with our passions in the sweet ecstasy of love," he said.
Wiping a tear from her eye, she pulled his hand to make him rise and stand next to her. Grasping him about the neck, she kissed him once again. Pulling away after their shared warmth, she whispered into his ear.
"If only you could rescue me from my captivity, I would be your sweet ecstasy until the sun would shine no more, until the stars fell from the sky, and the cold gray hands of death took us away," she said. "Yet I can not forsake my father, for his rage would be your death."
"I fear no man," he replied. "I live myself as a freeman, and I will fight any man for your hand be he a servant, knight, or king himself."
Pulling him closely, she kissed him again, this time feeling the depth of desire and passion they shared. Pulling away, she swept up the trail to the castle, calling over her shoulder.
"Come rescue your sweet ecstasy if you can, but meet me at yon pool on next day's eve," she called.
Calling into the air after her as she disappeared into the darkness, he spoke from his heart.
"Sweet ecstasy I will steal you away into the night and you shall suffer no more. Our passions will flow as the river to the sea, the wind in the air, and the blood in our veins, my sweet ecstasy!" he called.
Turning, he strode back the path toward his camp and his simple life.
The rage burned in him as he thought about all the torture he had endured to have his love. Quickening his pace, he knew he was nearing the castle grounds. His journey had come to an end. He would meet his love and fight for her passions, as a true man fought for his own blood.
Entering the castle grounds and bypassing the night sentry, he gained the foot of the tall trellis and began his climb. It was the climb of a lifetime, although he had made it numerous times in the past. Feeling the prick of the thorny vines under hand, he felt his blood pour over his skin, the same as it was boiling in his heart. Cursing silently, remembering all the pain he had suffered in his journey, he thought again of his sweet love...
"My love," she said," There is nothing I can do. My father has ordered you banished from the kingdom. He has agreed not to have you dispatched, but he has sworn I shall not see you under penalty of your death. If you were to die, so would my love and passions. It is you I love, therefore I ask that you heed my father's warning and leave the kingdom," she pleaded as a tear had come to her eye. "I can not live with the thought of you not alive, but I can live if I know you still walk the earth and see the same stars I see, feel the same sunshine, and taste the sweet dew of love and passion we know."
"My sweet love," he replied, "I will do as you ask, but know that each time I feel the sun shining upon my bare skin, I will feel your kiss upon my lips. Each time I see the stars shine at night, I will remember the brightness you have brought to my heart. Each morning I arise, I will taste the sweet dew that lies upon the tall grasses, and I will remember your love and passions and the caresses you have brought to my soul. Until the sun shall set no more, you and you alone shall be my sweet ecstasy."
Holding each other, forgetting the shackles upon his hands and feet, they felt the fire one last time. Feeling each other's pulse through their kiss, they each made a silent vow to never love another, regardless of the cost to their hearts and souls. Releasing her, he pushed her away.
"Leave me!" he yelled. Knowing the guards would hear his final words, she blew the last kiss of a life time as she left the cold stone dungeon for the last time.
The next day the king's men came and carried him away. Taking him to a ship upon the sea, the captain of the guard spoke with the ship's captain.
"The king has promised he will not be dispatched on royal lands in exchange for his promise to never return or seek the princess again," he stated. "The king does not want him to return, ever."
Understanding what the captain of the guard meant, the ship's captain had the prisoner taken below to the hold. Throwing him into a dark damp space, they slammed the heavy wooden door behind him, laughing as they did so.
"No sense in feeding the bloke, mate," the captain stated. "He'll not live long enough and no sense in wasting our vittles on his skeleton," he roared.
Closing his eyes and finding himself within, the captive took his mind elsewhere; he took his mind off his impending death. Climbing ever higher and reaching the balcony, he called softly into the doorway.
"My love, I have returned," he said. "Come to me."
When no one answered, he turned and took a seat in the small shadow of the moonlight. Watching the moon traverse the sky, resting from the final leg of his journey, he felt the pain once again. Remembering its source, his rage burned even further.
"Bring the bastard out," the captain yelled below, as the ship's mate pulled him to the stairway leading to the deck.
Stumbling to keep his balance, weak from hunger and the pain of chaffed skin from the shackles, he was brought up upon the deck and pushed to the railing. He looked upon the waves and saw a shore miles off. As he looked, he was hit in the head with a large pole used in the ship's rigging.
Laughing, the captain yelled again.
"Take the shackles from him, we shant waste them on such a soul!" as all the deckhands and crew roared in laughter.
As the shackled were removed, the captain spoke in a very deliberate manner.
"The king has ordered this lowly soul be banished from our land, and not to be killed on royal ground. I now tell all of you that none shall kill this mongrel as ordered by the king. None will witness his death, for we will not kill him. However, all shall witness the lesson we give to scum who cross our great king!" he yelled.
"Throw him over," the captain called.
The captive was hurled over the railing and hit the cold water face first. Weak from the pain and hunger of his captivity, he strove to reach the surface and swim to the far shore. He did not look back as he felt a stinging pain in his left side. He fought to stay afloat as he swam crippled to the shore. He could hear the waves slapping the ship as she set sail and turned into the sea's waves once again.
Doggedly, he pushed himself to reach the shore. As he crawled upon the cold wet sand, he felt a tug at his side. Looking in horror, he saw for the first time the cause of his pain. A short crossbow bolt protruded from his skin, like the thorn stuck out from the vine of a rose.
With all his might, he pushed the bolt through until it passed out his side, leaving a trail of blood as it felled to the sand. Falling to his side, he passed out in pain from his combined injuries and pain.
As he slept in the cold depth of the sand and receding tide, he dreamt of his love and the final words they had. He remembered the final words he had heard on the ship as well. Reaching into the depths of his mind, he remembered the words of the baron, heard outside his dungeon home.
"The king has promised that he will not be killed," he had heard the baron say. "I did not promise though. I shall know that he is dead and will not return or you will suffer the cost of me losing the princess's hand in marriage," he heard.
"Yes my lord, I understand the wishes of the king," the captain of the guard had said.
He felt the cold water of the incoming tide against his skin as he awoke. Rising to his feet, he noticed the bolt lying in the bloody sand by his feet. Reaching to pick it up, he felt the pain of his injury.
"I will avenge my love!" he cried into the wind. Stumbling to the tree-lined dunes, he collapsed in a heap. He knew he would rise up and survive. He had to. Without his heart, and the fight of a lifetime, true love would surely die.
It was many days that he spent in the trees, covered with what limbs he could break from the surrounding scrub brush. He scavenged what food he could along the dunes, eating the remnants of the dried berries and pits that hung on the bushes nearby. He found a few tough and starchy tubers to eat as well as he regained his strength. Luckily, the wound from the bolt had not hit any organs and didn't become infected.
As he sat one evening, he pondered what he would do. Finding the burning fire of vengeance within himself, he knew he would return and seek his justice. Living afoul of the king was a certain death sentence, as was returning to his lands. But he could not let lay the words that echoed in his mind.
"I shall know that he is dead and will not return, or you will suffer the cost of me losing the princess's hand in marriage," he heard over and over again.
The man had caused his death and his loss of the princess because of his greed to own her and the kingdom. It would be a certain death sentence for the baron when he was under the keen edge of a scorned lover's blade.

The Escape...




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I'm loving be sandwiched by these two beautiful babes!


p.s. Would someone please have them email me so I can explain that I have a nine inch tongue and can breathe through my ears.

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