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In this life we often see things without really looking at them and in doing so we risk losing sight of the reality we seek. I recently bought a Botswana Agate to make a necklace for a friend. As I assembled the pieces, I looked at the agate closer and saw two distinct markings on it. One was situated above the other and looked like a seagull flying high. The other below looked like a whale turning it's tail up. I held the stone in my hand and thought about its life. They say Botswana Agates are some 122 million years old, having formed in the tortuous history of the earths tectonic origin. I thought of the seagull and whale trapped there for all that time until mankind mined the stone and facetted it for a necklace.

In this life we choose to judge books by their covers...fruit by their color...and people without knowing them. A book is best judged when read...a fruit when tasted...and a person when known. But until one opens their eyes, such will be trapped in time and possibly lost forever. Ask yourself many other stones lay below the surface of the earth with seagulls and whales trapped in them?

I am not a book without a cover
I am not the sweetest of fruit
I am an unknown man with a gift
trapped like the seagull and whale...

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What a beautiful post!

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