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3/15/2006 7:53 pm

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I am listless and dreaming tonight...of times gone by and those yet to come. Dream with me of a Reunion yet to be...

Remembering the stream through the meadow
And a storm cascading from above,
Searching inside for an ecstasy,
Longing for the blissful love,

A moisture flowing to wet one's soul,
Drenched with passionate mirth,
Writhing together in ecstatic delight,
Paying the price true love is worth.

Responding to excitement one feels,
Sensual pleasures flowing inside,
Deluging elations clutched within,
Fondled by an infinite tide.

One may not hear the waters recede,
Nor feel the waning of the moon,
Yet the blissful union remains intact
And the tide will rise again soon.


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