A Beautiful Day...  

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3/12/2006 8:00 pm
A Beautiful Day...

Today was a beautiful day. I woke to the sun shining in the window and the songbirds calling. It warmed up early and stayed nice until the mid afternoon, when a tremendous thunderstorm rolled into the area. The storm did a tremendous amount of damage to Aledo Illinois, a town near my sister's house where I spent most of the day.

I didn't write anything this morning because I was pondering what I am looking for on here. My efforts to reach the elusive one have not met with positive results. She has not replied, but she also has not banned me from writing her, so I don't know which direction to take. Perhaps the time is not right for her yet. Perhaps my efforts are in vain. But either way it is an experience worth the effort and worth the friendships, as brief as they are, I have made on here.

A moment in time is all I seek
a word from the beautiful butterfly
a spoken rhythm of unknown words
a single answer to the question why

elusive one you have come to be
the capture of an eternity
thoughts of sweet passionate love
the odyssey I dream of...



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