AMERICA For 2 Cents  

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3/27/2006 7:19 am

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4/5/2006 8:17 am

AMERICA For 2 Cents

America is being over-ran with ILLEGAL aliens coming here from Mexico. What should we do about it?
How many think we should deport those here in America illegally and demand those that come here be checked out first?
How many would say we should just let it ride as is, FREE STAY?
How many would say we should make them get VISAS or Work Permits?
How many don't care?

wickedwench1960 56F

4/3/2006 7:43 pm

I don't know how far back you went in reviewing the TEO threads, but several years ago, my niece was murdered by an illegal alien in Florida...who was also a serial killer...The Railroad Killer...

He was able to traipse back and forth across the border at will...he murdered at least twelve American citizens in his travels. He awaits appeal on his death sentence in Texas (about the only thing I am greatful to Bush for...) His own sister turned him in for the reward money...she attempted to sell his fingernail/toenail clippings on E-**y...yes there is a demented group of people who collect serial killer 'memorabilia'...

He initially was accepting of his death sentence...when, of course, a group of bleeding heart do-gooders, persuaded him to appeal...and so it goes...(to quote Linda Ellerbee..btw...where is she now? Loved her....anyway...I digress)

I think those who are here illegally, be detained, criminal history reviewed...and then deported...and their country of origin be billed for the cost of housing them while they are reviewed.

rm_verriberri 79F
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4/3/2006 10:26 pm

bud - I just caught your last post at teo, and while I'm not crazy about 'hotheads' I was kinda taking a liking to you. This was just silly... in any interesting group you're going to have a number of alphas.. male and female. When you get more than one in a room you get occasional jabs and spars.. but it keeps things interesting. The trick is for us all to take a deep breath and not get 'angry'... anger clouds judgement.

Even with an invite, you violated one of our prime rules.. now, while you did it unintentionally, the group didn't know you yet... it is not a group with a lot of latitude for newbies, and it takes a while to get the feel. You're a 'take-charge' guy... that can be a good thing, it can also rub a few people the wrong way when they don't know how to take you. The only person who really knew you was luv - because of that recommendation, I gave you a LOT LOT LOT more latitude than I usually do...

Regarding the poll.... no, you didn't know that we don't really do polls... but on the other hand, if you'd read through the previous posts you'd have 'noticed' that there were none.... zero... and asked yourself why. Life is full of 'turf' issues. Teo is a SMALL and tight plot of turf... the great thing is how you can fit so many alphas into such a small area and still have them like eachother.. it's because we've learned to dance a bit.. move a half a step aside when someone else needs a bit more room, and then having them reciprocate later.

You have to look at this 'hot-head' thing though... you write well, you have vibrant and passionate opinions... to tussle with others who are just as vibrant and possionate you cannot expect capitulation... EXCEPT when they are a newbie.... and they're in a trial period.

If you unblock your profile, I'll be happy to email you.
We should keep talking. -v


4/5/2006 8:17 am

Wicked and Verri...Thanks for all the kind gestures and nice words. I appreciate them and you both. I just think I was not the right man for the job in the group. It is probably why I have never done group action of any other nature...the Alpha say Verri...LOL...would cause me to be the last one standing. (BANGS ON CHEST) Scorp isn't the one who attacked me...just for the record. It was Nicks words along with Luv to be honest that made me feel not welcome. I enjoy debates and Scorp was just following suit on that. I have my own blog now on Google... ...Sound Off! is the if you want to drop in...your welcome to. I don't want or desire to have a membership on it...I want it to be open to all and all to feel welcomed. Take care, RW

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