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10/8/2005 7:03 pm

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well im thinking that got everyones attention....lol.....and if you knew me you would no i didnt mean anything by it....so check the profile BROC817 and see for yourself......but i like to grab peoples attention and rude stupid comments always do the trick........lol
well the point of this thred is to advertise my group here at AdultFriendFinder....and if you like to read mature post and topics and like to be respected for your opinions then you need to click on this link provided in this thred and come join in all the fun....im also hoping all the members of this group stop in in and tell of the fun times they are having there......and i will also teach all members how to make links to there blogs/profiles/and the groups they belong too....so click on the link already and see what over a hundred great members already know....that the Looking For Friendships group is one of the best in all of AdultFriendFinder..........good luck reaching your goals.........

rm_QuietEyez 46F

10/8/2005 11:52 pm

Nice post

but your right it is one of the best groups here at AdultFriendFinder.


TIGGER44135 31F

10/9/2005 10:00 am

i love the group BROC its got very nice members and i realy enjoy reading everyones post.i guess you can say its one of the best if not the best in all of this site.

and i also want to say hi to QuietEyez so hello sweety. {smootches}


heavenabove82 34F

10/10/2005 9:53 am

im there so its go to be good!hi BROC

heavenabove82 34F

10/10/2005 9:55 am

im there so its got to be good.oh and hi BROC817 long time now hear.

heavenabove82 34F

10/10/2005 3:28 pm

i see someone has been on my computer..lol...

yes its a very nice place i have to say so...i met the guy of my dreams there..

rm_QuietEyez 46F

10/10/2005 5:14 pm

Hi tigger,

Hope your enjoying the group


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