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1/24/2006 3:45 pm

...........THE FIRST KISS.............

There in front of me, that look in your eyes Then you grab for mine Holding them within your pools

Gently touching my fingertips with your hands and working down
my fingers till you have me in your grasp. Eagerly I bend toward your warmth as my
lips part ever so slightly inviting you to drink in my essence First brushing, that
causing me to press even closer, now heart beats picking up one another's rhythmns
As I feel your tongue begin to explore I embrace with mine almost urgently feverishly
enticing you into my lair. My pelvis involuntarily pushing front and center to you
Begging to be felt in all its heat As our first kiss lingers on becoming almost an
intwinging of the tongues you engulf my warm wet lips. This first kiss causing such
sensuousness We realize we will succumb to one another soon. The kiss of passion
is one to die for over and over again.


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2/5/2006 6:52 pm

The room is dark and he is standing in the doorway...i can see his silohette just slightly darker than the rest of the room. He just stands there watching, waiting. He knows that I want why does he continue to stand there unmoving. The anticipation is building. I slowly lick my lips just to entice him. Still he doesn't move. What do I do? How do I make him come to me? There is nothing I can do to make him walk over to me, I must wait for him to decide this is what he wants. I slowly turn my back to him and wait...nothing but silence fills my ears...then I feel the warmth of his body close to mine. I can feel his breath in my hair. Still he doesn't touch me physically, yet I can feel every breath he takes. Finally, I feel his hand in my hair...he grabs tight and pulls me to my knees. This is what I have been waiting for...He slowly walks around to the front of me...his clothes are gone...there is nothing but raw sexual need between me and the most beautiful body I have ever seen. He twists his hand deeper into my hair and pushes my face toward his hard cock. I know he wants me to taste him...and i really want this to. I slowly run my tounge across my lips...and open just wide enough for him to get the head inside my warm wet mouth...Damn he is so big...can I take all of him, I am sure as hell gonna try. I slid my hands up the back of his legs gently squeezin as I go. I grab his ass and pull him to me as he pushes my head closer. I sweetly take each inch in slowly swriling my tounge

hugs and kisses


eyelikeitrough20 37F
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2/5/2006 6:55 pm

swriling my tounge around. He taste so good sweet with a hint of salt. He is in to the base of his hard cock...i take my hand and start to massage his balls...I know he likes this as his legs start to quiver. I push back against his hand...I want to take the lead and do this for him. He slips slowly out of my mouth until i get to the tip. I wrap my hand around him and use it to jack him off as I continue to suck on the head of his wonderfully hard cock...Every other stroke I squeeze a little harder just like it is my netherworld milkin his cock. He likes this I can tell by the deep groans. He pushes my i take him all in and let him fuck my mouth for a few strokes, then I go back to jackin him with my hand and suckin with my mouth...When I feel him about to cum...I stop...grip his cock tight just at the base...the fun isn't over yet...then I gently suck his balls into my mouth swriling my tougne all around...I lick my way back up his hard cock and take him back into my mouth and let him take the upper hand and fuck my mouth til he cums... throating him as he sprays the back of my throat with his warm cum.

hugs and kisses


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My god, how have I missed this section for so long? Great job ladies.

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