Email fantasys....  

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1/7/2006 3:01 am

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Email fantasys....

READ the bottom email first

I've just red your email. I'm SOOOOO turned on. The thought of you powerless to stop me. I can do whatever I want to you, you strong and powerful man. And OH GOD to I want to take your cock in my mouth. I'll tease you, tempt you with freedom and then rub your dick, slowly beginning to take down your trousers. Then tempt you with freedom again; an escape from this humiliation. but you rock hard erection will betray your true feelings, and be far too tempting a morsal for me to let get away. Down come your trousers and now i'm teasing you showing you my long, smooth legs, letting you look them up and down and up again to my short, slutty skirt which shows you every line of my firm, round ass.. I stradle your leg sitting on your knee touching, rubbing your body. But ofcourse focusing more on you cock. I slowly lift up my little skirt to reviel to you..... my cock, huge and hard; GOD I'm SO TURNED ON BY THIS! You wriggle more and thats when i tell you to wimper and i'll let you go. Of course you swallow your pride and comply. I stand and back off a little then go straight for you pants, rubbing licking and taking them in my mouth before pulling them all the way down to the floor, you're struggling like mad now - you hard, erect cock fully exposed to me above you naked legs. My mouth gets nearer and nearer, I'm moving my hands up and down you long, rock hard shaft and i take you in my mouth, you begin to struggle less and less as i work you cock with my hands, lips and mouth. Faster and faster and then slowly. You want it now, you know you want me and you know that you want to explode into my mouth. I'm teasing you again now and the more i do, the more you want it. Imagian that, you a strong powerful married man crying out for a little slutty Tgirl like me to make you cum. I take you cock in my mouth again working it with my hand as well and playing with your balls. I'm gagging for it now, wanting you to cum, PLEASE GOD CUM! i want to feel your sperm on me and in my mouth! You groan, you're going to cum, you want me, the little slut with a cock, to swallow your cum. I pull back, wanking you to climax, letting your sperm cover my face, accross my lips. i open my mouth catching the next load, and then sucking out ......every.....last.......drop. I lick and wipe the sperm from my lips, face and chin. Swallowing every drop that I scoop up with my hands. I kiss you softly on the cheek and walkaway.

If you want to chat online i'm on mesenger, send me your ID and let me know when your online, i can't wait to discuss this fantasy

> ---------------------------------------------------
> Sender: ?????
> To: BJ_Jenny
> Date: Jan 6, 2006 8:01 PM WEST
> Hi again,
> Glad you liked my fantasy... I cant help thinking about me being tied up by a pretty woman, of course I'd love that, but then she lifts her skirt up to reveal she has more of a manhood than me. Wow. She, however, still wants me. She looks at my smaller manhood, and decides she will drain it. I was a respected married man, strong and dominant in whatever i do, yet here was this small tGirl, well hung, and about to take me. Oh how embarrassing. But the more i wriggle the more you giggle. My erection gives away how i feel, though my concous self doesnt want to submit to you . I am powerless to stop you. You slowly unzip me. You then pull at my underpants. Then you tease me. you say whimmper like a little girl and i may let you go ... oh no - how humiliating - but it better then letting you play with my manhood, so I comply. You were just teasing me, and strip me of my ytrouser and pants anyway - at least down to my kness. Then your mouth gets nearer and nearer. I wriggle more and more, but your mouth seems to be everwhere, and eventually you GET me..........
> I can't believe I'm typing this.
> Regards
> ?????
> PS When can we chat?

alwaysthere1 59M
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1/7/2006 3:31 am

Did a job on my physical and mental process woman. very good JOB

rm_PurryKitty2 48M/50F
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1/7/2006 5:51 am


I want to read more!!!!

Purry {=}


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