Celebration with a bang!!!  

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9/27/2005 12:25 am

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Celebration with a bang!!!

tHIS IS JUST ONE funny unforgetable experience i had way back 9 months or so... ago...

The place... Pryce plaza hotel (cdo)
TIME: Around 1 am

While everybody was busy celebrating their new year... i (half drunk-half horny) met this hottie chick... we chatted for a while... and decided to get naughty... we went to this far end restroom.. near the grand ballroom..had a fast one... then we just bid our goodbyes'''

I thought she was on her way to sleep..when i saw her again near the parking area... i suddenly grab her... and pulled her to the van... with a quick kiss... told her to follow me to my room...she said she would just leave some things on their room and will follow me...

as i was waiting na... sa may hallway...it felt weird to be standing in front of identical babes..and i couldn't tell who's who. sobrang hiya ko,,,, kya pala medyo confused sya when i grab and kissed her... it was her twin sister pala yung na meet ko earlier....

To cut the story short.... nope i didn't bang the two girls... we just went out to the coffee shop.. and had a great time talking... sobrang good boy ko pa ksi during that time... he he he

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