First Bi Experience Part two  

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9/6/2005 1:39 pm

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First Bi Experience Part two

Let me see where did I leave off.....Hmmmm...
Oh yeah I remember.

Her tongue was following the zipper as she undone my shorts.I was running my fingers thru her hair pulling up so I could watch.I lifted my ass so she could easy off my shorts( I didn't Have any panties on). Throwing them to the side, She grasped my leg.Placing kisses on my ankle, while running her hand down my thigh. Very slowly, she licked her way up my leg to the "V" where she ran her tongue in the dimple on my hip.Sighing over the fact I'm clean shavin'. She spread the lips of my pussy open.Leaning down, she ran her tongue from front to back to front again.Easing her finger in as she latched onto my clit ever so sucking it til it was a hard little bud.Working her fingers in and out til you could hear how wet I was.She sank her tongue deep in me as she finger fucked my virgin ass. Alternating from tongue fucking my pussy to sucking on my clit, til I couldn't stand it no more. I was to the point of completion when she moved up and grinded her pussy against mine sucking on my tits til we both exploded.

Til this day I still think back about how great it was and wished she hadn't moved away. Who knows we might meet up again someday.....Sigh!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed my adventure.....

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