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7/16/2006 2:33 pm

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Anal Sex

There was a thread in a local group (if you're not looking over the groups available in your area here you're really missing out!) asking how to prep for anal sex. And, as I'm prone to do, I let fly alot about my opinion and experience on the topic.

Not so much of it was about prep, but it did relate my first experiences. I thought I'd share in case they give anyone any insights as to their own perspecitives and/or desires.

It's a nerve-wracking concept, this anal sex. And I think there are many out there that could or could have enjoyed it. I think some first experiences have ruined it for some that could otherwise really enjoy it. On the other side of that coin are those experiences I've heard of that weren't so gentle and considerate but ... were very well received as well.

To each their own, eh? *Laugh*

Anyway, I thought I'd edit and share my input on prepping for anal sex which was started by a curious woman. There had been input on using alot of lube and the woman being truly relaxed and willing:

If you have a like-minded partner interested in a journey with that destination it's a good thing because I recommend patience. Lots of it. Months if necessary.

Willingness is an interesting word. I'd like to think there's trust involved there.

Just to find out if you're likely to enjoy that penetration you might have your partner give you some nice, long, rewarding oral and massage that spot or even attempt to insert a pinkie - there should be plenty of natural lube for that by then, anyway. If it's a mindbending orgasm as a result I suggest you look a little more deeply into full penetration.

I spent months with my ex-wife working up to it and what finally turned the corner was that she had resolved, finally, that she was going to relax and cut loose. We'd spent so much time and effort only for it to seem there's no way it could really happen because she seemed so uncomfortable with much more than just the head past that outer ring. Then that one day - bang. We were both shocked and very pleased we were able to get past it.

It became a very regular thing - her hardest, most intense orgasms. And, quite honestly, it was slow, gentle, and sometimes quite quick.

She was very clit-centered so everything was done with that spot being stimulated. If she was tightening up or seemed to react poorly to a bit more pressure I spent more time on her clit. Sooner or later it would come together.

Patience, don't give up, remind her to relax, stimulate her the way she likes it best to help her mind forget what's happening or about to happen. Then she'll learn how to take it.

There are those that will never enjoy it. Some have mental blocks - conscious or subconscious. Others, I believe, never are able to feel any real stimulation.

A slow, methodical, considerate, reactive approach was key for us. The rewards were ... some of the very best.

Also, keep in mind, for many men, the idea/stigma is something they can't overcome or overcome well either. Guilt afterwards can be awful. I mean, outrageous pleasure but regret and guilt over how it was achieved ...

Trust and willingness must, sooner or later, be achievable at both the conscious and subconscious level ...

Oh, and by the way, I knew and know of NO prep she ever really did ... *Shrugs*

Oh, and one more thing ... *Laugh*

We really didn't use any extra lube other than her natural and, sooner or later, just my precum. But in the right situation I make LOTS of it ...

I hope this helps someone somewhere ...

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nativeeaglenest 46M/35F
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7/16/2006 4:16 pm

Personally, I sometimes crave for anal sex. Of course, it all depends WHEN I am in the mood. WHEN I am, yes, it FEELS GREAT!! Otherwise, if I am not it is just okay and not all that good feeling really.

As for prep, I have a double header dildo. I use the small side with a little lube and take my time. I like penetration on the side and very slow! My ass is ready when it is ready, you know! We then move to doggie style. I enjoy it doggie style. But anywho...this my two cents...enjoy it as you want or not. Later~Native Eagle Nest

allanon_mage 33M
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7/16/2006 4:58 pm

Well I disagree on the prep part. I convinced a gf of mine to try it so we did the prep work together and she loved it. She also said that she was not sore or had any other negative effects afterwards.

The key is to douche before to rmove anything that might be there. This also functions like a warm up. Then you use an anal dildo or fingers or anything else that is smaller than you to get her used to having something like that in her ass. Apply plenty of lube before and during and when douche again and she'll love it.

They make anal douche devices, but I used a giant plastic auto grade syringe that was maunfactured to mix 2 cycle oil and gas for weed whackers: it holds a few ounces and is all plastic with no sharp edges.

The kicker: that was her first time anal: I had maybe stuck my finger in there once, but that was about it.

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