My Favourites Part Deux  

BCuriousOne2 53M
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9/2/2006 4:49 pm
My Favourites Part Deux

My Favorites part 2:

Flirty Person: FunFlirty4u
Why: That hint of dark hair loosely flowing over those ....what I would not give for a plane ticket...

Sensual Asian: Bobbingjoy
Why: Sensually intune, sexy asian, mature woman

Position: Female raised on pillow, legs high with pussy givin full attention of all of me..hands, dick...and
Why: Watch her face and body as she cums...remember I am a giver...nothing better for me...

Body type: For you to fully figure out...
Why: I prefer sensuality above all else

Season: Fall warm day
Why: Little or no fucking mosquitoes...makes for easier outdoor recreation


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