My Favourites Numeros Trois (Three)  

BCuriousOne2 53M
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9/2/2006 4:48 pm
My Favourites Numeros Trois (Three)

Most Sensuous Lover: Tinkerbell
Why: Total sexual freedom

City: Rio de Janeiro
Why: Carnival....moving sex..

Sex toy (s) for her: Nipple clamps and G-Spot "Wand"
Why: Ok..I admit...I have a thing for G-spot and nipple play

Place to have Sex: Anytime...anywhere (right Tinkerbell?)
Why: Sexual freedom...always "ON"

Place to look at on your lover while playing: Her face
Why: A giver's pleasure is seen there

Most beautiful sound from your lover: Her breathing
Why: Tells you everything.....

Sexiest Words my lover can say to me: I want you
Why: Greatest 3 words in the whole world (IMH...all starts there...either is is said verbally or/and with body language..

A very horny wound BcO

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