Feeling great for spring!!!  

BCJackDaniel 37M
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4/21/2006 12:39 pm
Feeling great for spring!!!

Oh Yha!!

Warm sun, good tunes, and working up a sweat.

YHA! I'm really digging it. Working in the yard (not mine though ) getting buff one day at a time. I think it will take many weeks and maybe months to get where I want to be but I'm doing great so far!!!

Over all I think I have lost like 15 lbs but it's hard to tell because I've been doing a lot of weight training and gainning muscle mass, but I'm down 2 notches in my belt!! ROCK! Can't wait for the six pack but between the working out and the tanning I'm planning, it won't be long!

Yha. Catch you all later.


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