Day 2 and let me clear things up.  

BBbikerbabe6969 51F
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3/20/2006 11:30 pm

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3/26/2006 11:06 am

Day 2 and let me clear things up.

I have recieved so many e-mails in the past two days.
And all the men who have mailed me have been very nice and polite.
But let me make something clear.
If your profile says married, attached, or perfer not to say, I will NOT be mailing you back.
I like alot of attention from the man I am with, even if it is FWB, I like alot of time and attention.
I will not do one night stands, and I will not be a happy camper if you make a date with me and then break it.
If I ask for your phone number, I should be able to call you anytime I want, and expect you to be able to do the same.
I do not want to have to worry about if we go out, someone seeing you, and making me your "DIRTY LITTLE SECRET".
If I am with you, I want the world to see I am with you, and not have to hide anything!
I do not share! And if you are WITH me You will not have to share either.
I am not talking a commitment, but I am not here to be fucked by every tom,dick and harry! I want to find ONE, ONE man who can meet my needs.
And I do not want to be sitting at home after we have had a night together and think about how he went home to fuck his wife, or g/f.
Single dads I am fine with, I love kids.
I will be adding this to my profile, to make sure you men are not mislead.
And I do not trade naked pics. What you see is all your going to see, unless we meet.

Thank you for your time.

p.s. If you do not live within 50 miles of me, we will be nothing. Maybe just e-mailing friends.

p.s.s. I am not BI or GAY. I have no desire to eat a pussy. So FMF is out of the question!


MrNuttz05 49M

3/25/2006 5:33 am

She is laying it OUT... Love you for it! I hope that you do meet someone nice enough & close enough to you... Good luck!

BBbikerbabe6969 51F
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3/26/2006 11:06 am

MrNuttz05-- TY

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