Two Bad Experiences  

BBWlover4425 42M/39F
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4/1/2006 8:21 am
Two Bad Experiences

So, this week must be a part of the week that teaches me lessons about this lifestyle. I had two bad experiences and have come to the conclusion that I do not need a man to fulfill my sexual needs or desires. Women can do that, better. I had a guy come over Thursday, boy what a mistake. It was like he became cocky all of a sudden, and acted like a virgin, That did not bother me. What bothered me was the cocky and careless attiutde he had, and got dressed and then asked to use my comp to check his email. While doing so, my IM popped up several times and he got on them and responded as if it was me and was rude and beligerent to one of my friends. So, then last night, my hot GF and I were naked and played all day. We were hot for each other, decided to place an add on craigs list and request that it be a man our age 28-35 with a rock hard cock, nice and big. We got a response, he came over and couldn't keep it hard with a condom. It would have concluded a great time, if it had worked. However, eembarrased and ashamed he left. SO we were forced to play by ourselves, and had one of the best fucking times in the world doing so. We have now decided that we do not need a man to fulfill our needs.

luv2playhard3 42M

4/19/2006 1:23 am

i would love to change your mind about men.if you would like to give it a shot let me know..

ps..your girlfriend is welcome to join...

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