Yet again we have more shit on this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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7/3/2006 3:55 pm

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8/20/2006 10:40 pm

Yet again we have more shit on this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My god people you must love to see me write this shit. I have a few more things it seems I need to push into the light and place in front of a fan to air out like a old crusty fart trapped in wool underwear. I Run in to way to many men and women here and in chatting find out some real FUCKED up shit your are all doing here.

First and foremost THIS IS A SEX SITE GUYS AND GALS ( MOSTLY GUYS)& COUPLES ARE HERE TO MEET. If you are one of these FREAKS that is in to posting an ad just to " see whats out there" or " feel better about yourself" cause someone Keeps sending an email to telling you - you look good and they would do anything to meet up with you! YOUR SICK AND FUCKED UP IN THE HEAD~! Find something better to do with you time will ya, if you are on here and you have not made any REAL movments to meet someone, hell anyone face to face YOU NEVER WILL so find something else to do will ya! There are alot to people that spend their money ( MOSTLY MEN AGAIN) to get in contact with other Women, Men, Couples to have a good time and not pan thru waves of fake profiles and escorts , website Ho's to deal without the real people also not stepping up to the plate.

secondly, If someone does wirte you ; even if you are not intrested have sense enough to write them back and let them know that you are not interested before you report them to AdultFriendFinder. The sooner to do it the sooner you both can move on MY GOD PEOPLE! And to all you dipshits dumb enough to keep writing the same gal, guy or couple over and over again YOU NEED TO FUCKING WISE UP AS WELL >>> MOVE ON there is a good chance you have been blocked and forgotten about for a reason!!!! ( FYI: IT IS NOT OK FOR YOU TO ASK OTHER WOMEN,MEN,COUPLES ON THIS SITE TO CONTACT SOMEONE FOR YOU THAT YOU THINK HAS BLOCKED YOU TO SEE WHAT THE DEAL IS) USE your FUCKING HEAD >>>>>> you Fucktards!!!!
I can believe people can turn somthing as simple as getting laid.. for all of you that hate laid heres: fucked,screwed,bounching the bush, shag the carpet, getting a pc.,bumping berries, playing hide the sausage...BLAH.....BLAH... into a anachronism lacking in commom sense!!!!!!!!!!!
ok what the hell else to NEED to say ......oh yeah to those of you so bent on meeting someone after to see a couple of pics on their profile. Take the time to READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cause you never knopw when you might miss some valuable information like ... "I am a Trasvestite"..... or " My herpes outbreaks only come once or twice a month" or " I just had a sex change, and..." to " I DONT DO MARRIED MEN, WOMEN ect." and " I only want to meet people close to me"

For the many us on here the make the effort to meet,talk to , read profiles and LISTEN...THANKS! to the rest wise up this isnt high school!!!!!

rm_flapjack34 50M

7/7/2006 8:59 am

no shit, what up with all the soap box people on this "worlds biggest sex and swingers personals community" Are you stupid when setting up an account and think only guys who want to take you to dinner are going to contact you. I read a profile yesterday that actually said she was not looking for a one night stand, hook up etc., and not to send cock pics etc because she did not care to see them and why are all these guys who are attached emailing her, I'm just looking for someone special, I gave her the site for lookingforhusband

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