Wet Panties  

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7/7/2006 2:10 pm
Wet Panties

Creamy smooth velvet brown have I met a girl who likes to go down? Sweet sticky recesses to flow over your tongue. This cup runneth over. Do you want some? Can your handle this outrageous one? If you can, let's have some fun. Words are cool so let's make a bet. Let's see who can make the panties wet.

I want to bend a woman over and slip her ass some tongue, suck on her pussy and make her cum. Make her beg and make her plead and make sure she gets all that she needs. Nibble a nipple, back of knees, ass and thighs. I want to hear her scream until she cries. Damn! I think I won the bet it seems that I got my own panties wet.

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