How old is too old?  

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4/27/2006 10:05 am

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5/25/2006 2:59 pm

How old is too old?

How old is too old for me? I have a 62 year old man who want to get with me for a menage and I just received an email from a 50 year old man who would love to meet but could handle just having dirty email conversations. I am only 35. I know with age you would expect a certain level of maturity but hell even they sometimes still act like children. Shoot even I have my moments of utter childishness.

Should I ignore them or expand my horizons a little. I am being very picky and it is cause for me to still be extremely lonely and I never ever want to come across as being desparate to anyone ever again in life. It is not that I am even considering these men it is just that the thought that I have not met someone closer to my age who has any sense, quality character, or even class about themselves. I keep getting these let me lick you down brothers that don't even want me for that because they say I'm too big or they want to get with me because I am big and they think I have no self-esteem and feel I would be down for whatever because of their own sense/idea of what beauty is and because they can't get with the ideal image in their heads they still need their dicks tended to til it comes along.

It sucks being single in this day and age. It sucks being Phat (Pretty Hot And Thick) at times and right it is hard to hold on to being a saved DIVA (Divine, Inspirational, Vivacious, and Annointed) woman of God. I feel the wolves coming for me and I am about to be carrion.

Help because I am feeling weak and I don't feel that my prayers are getting through about must struggles with the flesh. I want to feel desirous and I want to be wanted in the right way. Know of any one who has a man after God's own heart who can step up to the plate and love a sister through her pain and stay by her side while she heals, pray for her when she can't pray for herself, would love her mind, the spirit that God invested within her, and can respect the body that only his love and spirit through God can help mold.

NOW give me a man that can mentally stimulate me, converse and share his spirit and emotions with me, comfort and protect me, provide for me if I could not do for myself, and who is not afraid to be a man and is comfortable enough as a man to be my woman, by not being afraid to let me take control sometimes in the bedroom. But who is willing to hold me if all I want to do is cry or just be in his arms. If God will bring me that man who has a heart after His I will truly love him.

I personally don't have a physical type. I like all kinds of men. I can't stand an illiterate or ignorant one though.
God help me but I am lonely. I am not trying to find a man but I am trying to put myself in better situations to be found by the right one.


In church it always "He who findeth a wife findeth a good thing." Therefore as a woman your not "suppose" to look but sit back and be chosen. Well I have not had an over abundace of men beating down my door and the ones that have been in my life were not ready when I was. I always get the "you'll make a man a great wife" or "I just knew you would've been married by now!" lines from those same guys.

Why am I putting myself through this crap really? I am just tired of being alone but not desparate enough to take just anything walking.

timeforfun219 42M/42F  
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4/27/2006 10:51 am

If he is old enough to be your father, he is too old... If he is young enough to be your son... well who knows

If my boobs were bigger I'd be a BBW!

angelofmercy5 59F
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4/27/2006 11:05 am

I can't really answer your questions for you. But sometimes the older men are overlooked just because of their age, and they are often the very best lovers. Good luck.

dieyan 49F

5/2/2006 3:49 pm

Unfortunately,we PHAT women have this attrction from older men because we have something to hold onto.They know that a svelt woman has generous and caring tendencies.Younger svelt women are also more fun in bed.I get the same thing.I'm 39.

The other thing is that you are right.Single people in thier 30's have no real connections but want to have that intimate sexual connection.We see a relationship as why work so hard to just end up getting divorced.I find that people who live together and never get married have longer lasting relationship.You know why?Because they don't have to give up thier own identity.When you marry you are supposed to become one.Why?Why can't we still have that relationship and still be our individual selves.This is why I don't want to get maried.I like being me and I like my last name.


5/3/2006 10:33 am

A friend of mine says that I should not go any older than 10yrs my senior. I still have life to experience and they may be ready to wind down at a certain point in life.

swmlikesbbws 64M

7/27/2007 10:40 am

Not sure what age range if you should limit yourself. I know of a couple, that married and she is 15 years younger than he is. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. I couldnt read your profile, so wasnt sure of your age. But I liked some of your posts.
I agree with what you said about the bible, He who findeth a wife, findeth a good thing. My favorite verse or one of them, is Let Her Breasts satisfy thee all the day of thy youth, and be enraptured by her love forever. I do and want to go to church, like it says in the bible, as long as your man and woman married, you can do whatever you want in making love, and it is ok with the Lord.
So, I too want to go to church with my ladylove, hold hands, watch sunsets, listen to our favortie music. Blushing, let her even teach me things that I have dreamed of, but not done. Guess I have led a sheltered life when it came to sex or making love. When, I did make love, it was always hoping that was the woman for me, but things didnt work out, either she moved away, or cheated on me, things like that.
Like last woman I have been with was a little over 4 years ago now, she was a black bbw, blushing, but show you, guess i have been tame towards lovemaking or not too experienced, anyway, she was first woman that had me unzip my pants in the car, when she was near me, and seeing her ebony cleavage, i would always get hardons, seeing her, smelling her, etc, .
Like, another one of my dreams is to take a bubble bath with my ladylove with candles lit, i did take a shower with a woman one time though. And like i said, i like aggressive take charge type women in the bedroom. I am still seeking that caring big soft sexy lady, to make me hers, fall in love, need each other, and lost without each other. Probably only dreaming, but at least I am still dreaming. Joe
ps, one of my dreams, hope ok to say, i come home after work, I had sent her some flowers during the day, just because i was thinking of her, anyway, she meets me at the door, wearing a sexy outfit, really low cut blouse, her big ebony tits shaking and bouncing, that always drives me crazy, and gives me hardons. Anyway, she meets me at the door, rips my clothes off of me, shuts the door, and locks it, ties me up and has her way with me, puts a cock and ball ring harness on me, so i cant cum, and she can have all the fun she wants with her white cock, while she can cum 4-6 times first, then i wake up and its just a dream. joe

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