Wasted days  

BBW4luvn 46F
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8/25/2006 4:05 pm
Wasted days

Wasted days, weeks and months
have now grown into years.
As the two stood divided,
their hearts so full of fear.

Lost words and promises
spoken in their youth.
Now laid between them
As broken words of truth.

Eyes of darkened blue,
and ones of golden hue,
stare and see the other,
hurt and full of blue.

Trembled fingers touch,
lips that no longer grin.
As they turn to leave
refusing to try again.

One has tried to speak,
the other refused to hear.
So they stopped trying
and now they both are here.

Backs now face each other,
And eyes face toward the walls.
One will soon discover,
the other one will fall.

One will go away,
far away they will flee.
Searching for the answer
to their destiny.

One will stay at home,
picking up the rocks.
Trying to deal with
all the pain and shock.

In the end they'll see
mistakes they both have made.
Will they return
to face another day?

Will the love die out,
or try to work things through?
Should they just continue
the way they often do?

Ignoring what one wants,
the other will soon see,
That there is something hidden
deep inside of me.

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