In the last 3 months I have aged by 10 years.  

rm_BBW4U1963 58F
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7/26/2006 9:26 pm
In the last 3 months I have aged by 10 years.

The last 3 months were terrible. I thought I start up playing bowling in a league. I hurt my knee the second time we played and it all started out going downhill from there. It depressed me. Doctors visits, pain killers, swollen legs , you name it.

My brain was actually thinking I was in my 20`s and I could have gone on like this for many more years if I wouldn`t had started bowling!!!

I thought I was super woman.

I guess life taught me different. All the medial problems kept me isolated, then other problems started coming up. Will find out tomorrow if something needs to be done about that. So I have not even met up with M in the last 2 months, my NSA since January. I miss him. But we chatted and he had some changes in his life too, so I am hoping by the weekend we can go at it again.

So now I sit here, and decided this can`t go on anymore. Back to life. Back to sucking cock. I love sex. I want to get my hands on that man`s body and rub oil all over. God I am horny.

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