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One day as i lay asleep in my bed .All of a sudden there is a small
noise the sound of a door quietly opening .I lay pretending i am still
asleep i hear footsteps getting closer and closer to my room .Then it
stops but i feel eyes just watching over me.I lay there very still .All
of sudden the foot steps start again. Then there next to the bed me
still not moving. I hear the breathing it is the sounds of a man
breathing. Next the covers move slowly off me as he pulls it all the
way down to my feet. He grabs my feet he caresses them lightly then he
kisses them. then his hand slowly moves up my legs ever so gently. My
insides just trembling i don't know if it is fear or desire for this
man. His hand has made it to my thighs he caresses my inner thighs. He
then slides his hand up my night gown nd starts caressing my stomach.
Then his hands move slowly to my very large breasts slowly and gently
caressing them . Then i feel his hands caress my hair and move to the
front of my face.He runs his fingers across my lips. Myself i still
do not know who this is in my room doing this to me. Nezt thing i know
something is put around my eyes i can not see a thing .Then i move in a
soft deep voice he says don't fight me i do not want to hurt you. So i
lay there i do not fight him . Then he ties my arms and my legs each to
the bed .Then i really start to struggle . I say please don't do this .
He says again don't fight me . I tell him i am going to scream . So
next thing i know he sticks something soft in my mouth so i can not
scream.Next i hear him rip off my night gown. As he does then he
keeps telling me i am not going to hurt you . I just want to have your
wonderful sexy body I dream of having you all the time . I want you so
bad he said . I so figure the only way i will ever get you is to do
this. Now he has me laying there naked i feel him just looking at me .
NOW i feel his lips on my neck .And that sends chills down my body. He
has the most soft gentle lips. And as his lips are on my neck his hands
start caressing my breasts. This time there is strength behind his
touch not so gentle now .There is the feel of strong desire behind his
touch. It does not hurt it actually is turning me on as his hands keep
running down my body as he starts sucking on my breasts. My body at
this time quivering with hot desires me wanting him to just take me now.
As his hand get to my my legs and pussy even though i am tied he has
to open my legs a little more .So he pulls then apart ever so rough .
Now my pussy is just dripping with juices now i can't believe how
excited i am getting from this man doing this to me . Now he inserts
his fingers into my pussy me squirming cause it feels good me moaning
through the gag he has in my mouth . Now he goes from one finger to
two fingers in me and he keeps going withthe fingers till he has his
whole hand in my pussy oh it feels so good . He starts thrusting it
in and out of me oh it feels so good i just want to scream from the
pure joy and feel of it but ican't i am gagged . My body thrusting
against his hand as he goes in and out of me . Now he stops using
his hand on me i now feel his mouth and tongue between my legs .Oh yes
he is licking all the pussy juices from me and sucking them out . Oh
i want to cum so bad he is making me feel so good. He keeps doing it
i can't hold back i have to cum now i cum squirting all over his face
him saying yes baby cum more all over my face give me more he says i
love the taste of your pussy. Now i feel his body moving up towards me .
I feel his breath on my neck again he kisses my neck .Then he says i
am going to remove the gag but no screaming he said do you undertsand
i nod my head yes. He removes the gag and he kisses me letting me
taste my juices from his mouth. Oh yes this is making me hot and
wanting him more. He kisses ever so wonderful .Then he said to me i
will leave the gag out if you promise not to scream. I said i won't by
this time i was wanting him to do this to me why scream it feels so
good. Me as i lay there still tied up and blindfolded i have no idea
what is coming next. Now i hear his zipper unzip he is removing his
clothes oh i am getting so excited now. Next thing i know he has his
cock at my mouth he wants me to suck it . So i take it in my mouth .
With my hands tied i tell him you will have to help with this . So now
he is thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth he is moaning and
saying yes suck it bitch suck that cock take it all i want to feed
you my cum he said . Oh next thing i hear from him is are you ready
bitch here it cums swallow it all down bitch . Oh yes he cums and there
is a very big load filling my mouth full of cum i swallow it all. His
cock is still hard my pussy just dripping of juices still. He reaches
down between my legs and inserts his hand in me again fucking my pussy
with his hand again making me cum all over his hand and cum just
squirting all over . He takes his hand from my pussy and brings it to
my mouth and tells me lick it clean bitch suck all your cum from my
hand so i do. Now he said to me i am going to fuck you so good now
with my hard fucking cock . So he gets between my legs and he takes
his cock and he teases my pussy running it up and down my clit and
pussy lips. Now all of a sudden he thrust his hard cock deep in my
pussy ever so rough . Oh and it feels so good . I start telling him
yes fuck me harder deeper fuck me fuck me and i holler here i cum. He
says yes bitch fucking cum all over my cock give it to me. So i cum all
over his cock he takes his cock and makes me suck it clean he says that
is right bitch you suck it clean . So he goes to fucking me more me
just grinding against him as he thrusts in and out of me . Now he says
to me i got somethig special for you now . Now he unties my legs . He
pushes my legs forward. He i feel his finger gently rimming around my
ass . He says i am going to fuck your ass bitch . I am going to fuck
it hard he said. So now i feel his cock trying to push in my ass .At
least he is going slow and easy i am thinking to myself.Now it slides
in he strokes it in and out a few times slowly now he starts picking
up the pace . I start getting into it with him me moaning and saying
yes fuck it ,It is feeling so good fuck it harder he gets harder and
deeper with every stroke.Now i he is moaning along with me he says to
me bitch i am going to cum again. And he keeps pumping me and he cums
he cums ever so hard he let's out this big yell when he does it .And
says yes bitch that pussy and ass are so fucking hot i just can't get
enough . So he pulls his cock from my ass and says baby did it feel
good to you as it felt for me . I said yes it was hot erotic and ever
so wonderful.Then i say but i have question for you Mr, and he says
what is that. I said who are you and how were you able to get in my
home. So he leans over and he removes the blindfold from my eyes. Oh
my to my surprise i am in shock as to who it was. I never thought it
was you i said . Your voice was even different i said how. I never
this man would ever have a imaginaton like this to do all this to me .
Well he unties my hands now i reach up and i kiss him and hug him and
i say to him I Love you my wonderful husband you just made one of my
fantasies come true . You are the most wonderful my man ever.


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wow that was hot nice story


4/9/2006 3:03 pm


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your husband is a very lucky man
would he like to arrange a threesome I will be there
Enjoy it girl


4/12/2006 12:15 am


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Your Story is great i almost creamed my pants reading it.If you are that much of a willing participant i know there is someone in your life very happy or very stupid.

rm_joe11753 63M

4/16/2006 5:15 pm

Mr Dream Story Linda;
We had chatted for awhile on messenger and finally agreed to meet. So, after driving to Tyler, about an hour and 30 minutes away from where I lived, I met her at Golden Corral. At first glance I was taken aback from her beauty, way she walked, her sweet smile, and her long pretty hair down. Let alone what she was wearing, a short dress showing off her full thick sexy legs, and a low cut blue blouse, my favorite color. As she walked, her huge 53DDD's would bounce up and down causing me an instant hardon. Trying to be the gentleman I am, I opened the door for her to the restaurant. Getting our buffet of food, we sat down and chatted getting to know each other better. Getting up several times, she would reach over me to get the salt shaker or ketchup, her huge cleavage in my face. Now that is what drives me wild, seeing huge tits shaking and big cleavage. Normally, I am a sweet romantic guy, but big tits and I am like putty in a woman's hands, do anything to get to suck and lick big tits. My main problem has been that most women I have been with, just 6 in my lifetime, always push me away after 15 minutes or so of tit sucking, after french kissing and necking for about 10 minutes.
Anyway, she was sitting by me, and she sat down, smiling that seductive smile, reaching and putting her hand onto my leg, her hand then touched my 8 inch cock with 5.6 mushroom head. Ohhhhhhh, she had soft hands too. Now for me, bbws make me drool, and if their busty, I am in trouble. Anyway, looking and smiling her sexy hot tongue licking her lips she said, is that for me. Halfway blushing I said yes, she kissed me then with a big deep sexy kiss. We finished eating and I drove her back to her place. We had made plans to go see a movie, but she asked me if I would like to go swimming at her apartment pool complex since it was so hot.
Arriving at her apartment, she invited me in and went to her bedroom, eventually she came back out in a two piece bathing suit, with a sexy thong on. By now I was drooling, her cleavage was biggest I had ever seen and wanting to touch, she then asked me to tie her top in back, by now, my fingers were shaking alittle anxious to touch her big huge tits. Smiling her top not staying on, she turned back around her top slowly coming off. Thats all it took, seeing her big huge tits and aeroleas, I eagerly started touching them and licking them. Somehow we slowly made it over to her couch. We started kissing each other with long deep french kisses. While I also started kisssing and sucking on her neck. Then she had me lay back down on couch. With me on my back, she sat on my chest, I love big women on top of me. She then swung her big tits in my face, Whap, Whap, Whap, with titty slap. That really did it, reaching back behind her, she felt my huge hardon, helping me with my pants off, she then let me suckle and worship her big tits in my face. My big cock was waving madly in the air now, all red and purple.She reached under pillow at top of her couch, and taking a cock and ball ring harness she put it on my huge hardon. Smiling hotly and sexy, she said now you can stay hard so I can get a good hard fuck. After about 45 minutes of huge tit sucking and titty slapping in my face. Raising up, and reaching underneath her, she slowly took my hard rock hard cock and slowly sat on it. Looking at me, and telling me to suck her big tits some more. Telling me how she loved her huge tits sucked hard. Telling me, she wished they were full of tit milk,( I have always wanted to find a buxom bbw that would breast feed me with her tit milk every night longterm) but since she had no milk yet, she wanted some of my milk deep inside her, and later all over her huge tits.
I replied that no woman that I had been with, every let me have a titty fuck and cumming all over her tits. OHHHHHHHHH, she said, baby, I love for you to have your first and many more tit fucks with me, and cum all over them so I can lick your hot cream milk off. With some more titty slapping more in my face, and her started to rise up faster and harder, you could hear my cock slapping against her hot pussy. Titty slapping me some more, that only made me rise up underneath her, driving me wild to meet her up in the air. She started cumming then all over my hard cock. MMMMMMM, she said, I love it when a man is still hard deep inside me, looking at me, she told me she wanted to ass fuck her good. Looking at her and kissing her lovningly, I told her was she sure, my mushroom head is 5.6 inches around, slim at base though, just 4 inches around. That I had tried once with a woman to ass fuck her, but my cock head was too big for her and didnt want to hurt her. Looking at me with pure hot lust, she told me, we will make it fit baby, I want you to cum deep inside my big sexy ass. To be finished if desired...........

rm_joe11753 63M

4/16/2006 5:20 pm

Sorry, was a typo, your 52DDD tits.

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SirMounts 102M

4/23/2006 6:42 am

Well, it's good to read your fantasies, Bbw4Love2. *winking*
Welcome to blogging. *smiling*

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7/6/2006 3:32 pm

Sounds like a hell of a fine idea...any time soon in mind?

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