Once apon a time...  

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3/2/2006 7:53 pm

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Once apon a time...

Well I was thinking today as I was going home from work and it was a very long trip. Which I was very happy at the time that I am in a car pool so sometimes I get to sleep on my way to and from work. But anyway I was thinking about this one time I was at this bar and I picked up this one woman or more like I was picked up by her. She was very sexy and she did have a shy side to her but I tell you what you get a few drinks in her and she was shy no more. But aren't we all in the end? So we talked allot at the bar and we found out that we were very common in the views we had and in one most important subject which was live life to the fullest. And it came into play later in the evening so that was good that we discussed it. We drank and drank but it was almost not fair because of my high tolerance of alcohol. But this was one time it finally played in my favor. We were touching each other on the leg and some hand touching and I could tell that this was getting a little hot. So I decided that maybe we should find another bar, now mind you there was nothing wrong where we were at, it was jumping and the music was good. I just wanted to get her out of the bar and see if she wanted to do more. Yeah I am sneaky but it's all good! So we pay for our drinks and that's all we had was liquid and I was surprised we had no food, which meant she would have no way of getting sober in time to back out of anything she set her mind to. So we headed out side and we headed to her car and I asked her if she wanted me to drive and she said why? I said because you drank allot and I didn't want you to get hurt following me. She said but why, we aren't going anywhere, yeah I looked at her and was so puzzled. I asked her what do you mean and as soon as I said that I was grabbed by she and we were kissing like passionate animals. It was cold outside but it really didn't matter because we created our own heat. She unlocked the doors and we headed inside the back seats. Mind you even though I am experienced now this would be the first time I would ever make out in the back of a car. It was amazing; it was like nothing I would have ever felt before that night. We embraced and explored each other like if we were in my room having an all out sexual exploration. Both tongues linked and caressed each other the taste of our drinks collided in a mixture of lust and passion. We made our own flavors with our mouths, it was passionate but at the same time it was very lustful. We continued this for a while and being an advocate for the kiss I didn't mind that it went on for a while. I touched her stomach and breasts with my hands and wandered my fingers though her clothes and bra, I squeezed her and grabbed her in places that made her kiss me harder. She would grab me and pull me closer to her; she would wrap her leg around me to pull me closer to her warm sexy body. I never felt so wanted by anyone before, she made it a point than when we did stop kissing she would look at me with eyes that could look through my soul. Without any warning she would just pull me in to kiss her, just to let me know that I was wanted and she didn't want signals to be missed. After one intermission of kissing I noticed that we fogged up all the windows of the car. I had a bad feeling that we would attract attention from the cops and surely get a trip to jail for being intoxicated in a vehicle. So me being a smart man I asked her if she wanted to take this to my place. She said yes without hesitation and I was happy because now I can see what this woman’s passion in bed would feel like. Well we drove a little ways and got to my place, thank god I lived close! We were the nice little couple walking to the front door, holding hands and we looked like we had been together for years. But as soon as we got inside, the beast was released and she took control. I closed the door to the house and no sooner than I locked it she grabbed me and slammed me onto the wall and kissed me, then her hands wandered themselves and started to rip off my clothes. It was like I had no chance to even try to take any of her clothes off, but eventually hers came off by her own doing. It was like she knew the layout of my place and she forced me into the living room and placed me on the bed. She took off my pants with teasing effects on my legs and cock so she knew what she was doing. Aggressive one minute and making me beg the next it was overwhelming for sure. She unzipped me slowing and only took off my belt she kept the button holding my pants on and she made it a point that I not take it off either. She said relax and let me take control. I was like sure! So I relaxed and closed my eyes, at this point I was waiting for the penis or to be touched and I could feel her hand slipping into the zipped craves grabbing and playing with my boys and the big kahuna. My cock got hard with no problem and she could tell that she didn't need to tease it anymore so she unbuttoned my pants and pulled down my underwear to expose my working men. It was like a one motion movement as she pulled down my underwear with my pants and inserted my cock in her mouth. It was amazing it, I was so close to cumming I could feel it, but it wasn’t meant to be. I was sure that I had found my fountain of youth my Everest but as great as it was I did not pop. I could tell she really loved her craft and kept going but you know what I wanted a taste for myself. I grabbed her face and pulled her up kissed her and told her that I wanted to taste her and see if I could make her cum. She said you all ready have, I've cummed twice. I was amazed, I have never met a woman who was so a aroused from giving a blow job that she would cum. So with that I took her and placed her on the couch and went to town. I could taste her sweet flavor and it was a good thing too because we all know there is nothing worse than a woman that doesn't tasted good. It only added to the emotion and the passion of that night. I put my finger in her and found her G-spot and that was all she wrote, I had her in my hands, she came not one or twice, she came three more times and she bounced and jumped like a horse bucking. I finally took off her top and bra and she all ready ripped off mine. I exposed those wonderful breasts I only had the chance to touch in the car. But this time they were in the flesh and not covered by clothing or a sheet. I worked my way up and made her squeeze my body with her legs and wanting my cock inside her. I continued to kiss her and as I distracted her with that I inserted myself and she moaned like I had inserted a fist into her. She almost bit my tongue off which kind of took a little bit out of the moment but feeling her tight wet pussy made it all better. I pulled her legs up and on my shoulders and we fulfilled every passionate love moment we had wanted to have that moment. We fucked and fucked as if we were on a time crunch and I finally came but not after she came two more times... She thought I was done after that but I got up and picked her up and I sat down, I turned her around and placed her on my cock in a reverse cowgirl position but on the couch. Now at the moment I had only seen it done on porn but never did it. Well that night it became my favorite position by far, hands down. It took me no time at all to cum but she came again and it was the most intense orgasm she had that night. I could feel her clinching my cock for all that it was worth and not wanting to let it go. It felt so good I really didn't mind that she didn't want to get off right away. She leaned back and she kissed me while I was still inside her and that was very sexy. I wanted to go again then she got a phone call. Now I really didn’t pay it too much attention but I guess she did. We laid there and I could tell she was not the same person she was before. So I asked if she wanted to pick up the phone to see who called and she said that she would. She was relieved as if I would have thought badly of her, but I only felt bad because she looked like she was in trouble. Well she looked at it and I could hear a gasp as she read the name. She looked at me and said I need to go and take this phone call, I said she and I gave her a blanket off the couch and said go to the kitchen, she was gone a little while and I was thinking that maybe we would get back to more sex afterward but when she got back she said she had to go. I said sure because I never want to force anyone to do anything they don't want to do, plus I wasn't thinking she would stay the night anyway or at least stay any longer than the sex would last. So we got dressed and I asked her who it was and she said that she was sorry but I didn't tell you that I was married. I was shocked, and turned on at the same time, yeah my cock got hard again, but this time there was nothing I could do about it. She said he had called to see when she was headed home and she told him she was on her way she was just getting gas. So she drove me back to my car and of course I felt bad but inside I said to myself I just fucked a married woman... You're the fucking MAN! And I'm going to hell, but it was fun doing so. We kissed allot more after we got back but she finally said she really had to go and she was sorry that it had to end. I told her that she had nothing to be sad about because I enjoyed a great night of sex. And she got to cum allot. She looked at it my way and new she would probably not experience something like this for a long while. She said that we would meet again and I was happy to do so later on. I finally didn’t mind she was married, I liked it, and I wasn't going to tell. I still wanted to fuck so there was no way I'd fuck it up. Then I woke up at the car lot excited and hard, I had to hide that bulge in my pants and it wasn't easy but I didn’t it and I was sad because I knew that it never happened. I never took the woman home; we never made it to my house. She told me she has never cheated on her husband before and couldn't believe she was doing it now. She gave me the choice to go fuck but I said no... Now that I looked back on it I should have. I really wanted to and she did as well. I would have never treated her badly during or afterwards. What I dreamt was what I wanted to happen but couldn't. I let my concuss get the best of me, but I tell you if it happens again I would go through with it because I never know if it will ever happen again...

sweethoneysouth 37F
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3/3/2006 5:12 am

i really enjoyed this story bow

fndsinva 51M

3/3/2006 11:14 am

Outstanding Bow. Now I am thinking about trying to do it in a car again.

B0wflex 43M
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3/3/2006 2:28 pm

Thank you all... and I hope I gave some inspiration to someone and now I know it probably ahs so it was well worth the time. Sorry it was so long but good stories often are. Unless you believe less is more, but have you ever gotten good sex from another 2 inches long?

rm_remodman3 50M
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3/4/2006 11:35 am


Married women are the best, they know what they want,know when they can get it and love having adventures.
Just be careful of the ones that talk bad about their husbands and their life.
Not that I know anything about this subject.

B0wflex 43M
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3/4/2006 3:53 pm

Hahaha thanks remodman3 I will keep that in mind when I get my hands on that one again... But I sure am going to have fun on this ride...

P.S. I have to agree married women are very sexy...

rm_shipguy2005 41M
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3/5/2006 7:04 am

Yes I must agree with married women are sexy. I wonder if we are talking about anyone particular. hopefully she doesn't find out we are talking about her. lol

B0wflex 43M
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3/5/2006 3:49 pm

Probably not... she is not on this site... but boy how I wish... I'd love to meet her again.

lady_ttiger4ny 45F
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3/8/2006 11:03 pm

Very HOT story...
Loved it

Love the pic added to the story very unique & HOT


B0wflex 43M
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3/9/2006 6:01 pm

Thank you Lady Tiiger! I am glad that you had a great time reading my post and just wait for the next one.

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