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Good Memories....

3)oh and could you please explain, in detail, how amazing it was to be with 3 women at once? Answer- Wow so this really intrigues you does it? Well I hope you’re ready to read a long story, because if there is one thing I like its telling stories… OK here we go…. Well when I was in California for school provided by the Marine Corps, I was TDY at 29 Palms. I had all ready been in the Marine Corps for about 6 years now and a Sergeant of Marines, which most civilians know what it is because of movies and books so it was good being one. Well while at school I had always like volunteering for events and being an escort, mostly because I liked wearing my uniform and it always got me looks from the women.  So there was this event that had came, up by chance I was there at that moment to hear it, it turns out that there was this even that needed Marine escorts. So I stated that to the event organizer that I have done allot of escorting back in DC and she had welcomed me but wanted me to wear a uniform. Well unfortunately as I was TDY I did not have my uniform with me but I did have a nice suit. She said that wouldn’t do and I would not be able to go, that was all right with me it wasn’t a big deal, but what I know now it sure damn would have been. So later in the day that same woman came back and said those who would like to go just show up on Saturday noon time and be ready with uniforms or proper civilian attire. Well of course I wore my nice tailored suit that I bought about two weeks ago in DC so it fit perfect. I showed up and she wasn’t kidding she didn’t have allot of Marines to do much with. Well we got on the bus and took off to Palm Springs and if anyone knows Cali Palm Springs is where allot of the rich people like to live or hang out so I was excited! It took a while to get there and I don’t think they cared if about if we were hungry or not because they didn’t have food for us on or off the bus. So we all finally get to Palm Springs and we head to the Marriot Golf and Resort. It was huge and I mean huge it even had its on lake with a boat to take you from one side of the resort to the other. Well till this point no one has said what it is we were going to or whom these people were. They sat us in a room like cattle and waited, forever! I really didn’t like what was happing and I was getting a bad feeling about the whole thing, but then they moved us again to another room, which honestly I thought it was going to be a gassing room to kill us all. But I was wrong it was were the food was, and food they had! They had good food like Swedish meat balls fried chicken baked chicken, vegetables, salmon, shrimp and man only bad thing just water to drink. Oh well I shouldn’t expect everything right? Well after I saw all of this I was still kind of weary and only drank water and one roll. Well someone from the origination finally came back to tell us what it is that was going on and what it is we were going to do. Well she first off said she wanted Marines in uniform to go back to the original room we were in so they left. Next she would look at us individually and tell us to stay or join the others… Now I thought this was weird that she would look at us all on a one on one basis, but I went with it. I was like 5th and she looked at me and said turn around so I did and the thing I could think of was I am a piece of meat, I feel like I am going to a screen call for a film and the sleazy agent wanted to look at the good before she would let me out the door. Now she was cute and I would have but she said ok you look great and go with the others. Now what she had told us about the group or event that was taking place was that night was this was a gathering of an organization of Women blah blah blah… but the only thing that hit me the most was that these woman are the top of there business and all of them where multi-millionaires and some are Billionaires! OH HELL YEAH! So While I was waiting with the other guys and only a few more came back the lady that looked at us come back to get us to go into the dinning room. Well as soon as the lady walked us to the two double door that were massive and beautiful in design she said “Now I want you all to remember this what happens here stays here” just the words I wanted to hear! I went in and I was taken away, there was food and a bar and best of all ALLOT of WOMEN! More than us I can tell you that. I think this woman who walked us in was wrong for not having the other Marines come in, because I wouldn’t be able to talk to everyone in the room. Well I didn’t have to she realized that she would need the other Marines and they got the chance to make a memorable night. I didn’t know what to do but I really needed a drink so I went to the bar and asked him how much for a Long Island. He said sir it is an open bar drink as much as you want. Just what I also wanted to hear, so I drank my ass off and as many people know now I can drink allot without it affecting me. I really don’t remember how many drinks I had but I am sure I drank at least 4 Long Islands, 3 Margaritas, 4 woo woos, maybe 7 shots of tequila, 4 Jack and cokes, one shot of Johnny Walker Black, and 5 or more Apple Martinis. Yeah I drank allot but I was just buzzed so that should tell you what kind of bill I can rack up. So after I got my first of many drinks I was approached by an older woman in her 40’s and she said “I love you suit and I want you to come sit with us and tell us all about it.” Of course I said yes ma’am and I walked with her, she held me by my hand and my night was headed in a great direction. She was not that bad looking but her friends were fantastic! Well we all talked and I got to know them very well and the night was still young. We all danced and drank and ate prime rib and they treated me like a Golden GOD! So when the night was wearing off and the event was closing which I couldn’t believe it was possible, but time waits for no one. We all decided to go out and continue the party else were, well we wanted to go out on the town and the ladies had there own car there. Well unlike you and me there cars where stretched limos, and the richest lady who was a multibillionaire had her own stretched Bentley that would seat 10 people. It was Beautiful, and this is were the juicy stuff begins, so I get into the car and it was only five of us. Four Women and me so all ready I am over my head because I didn’t know which one to pick to maybe take a chance to sleep with. Well it was not there intention to have me one by one, they wanted to share. We took a drive and toured the town with a lust filled limo with one young Marine and four powerful women. How it started was easy, the owner of the limo was the last on in and when the door closed behind her she sat down and said this. Now Bow I want you to remember this is anything tonight, whatever happens here stays here if you can remember this the night will be very good for you. I said yes ma’am I am not going to tell any of the other Marines or the Marine Corps. She said ok, let the fun begin. It was like a scene from Jurassic Park when the Raptors attack the cow in the middle of the jungle cage. Once she said that the hot blonde to my right grabbed my head and kissed me, the dirty blonde to my left went on touching my chest and legs and the red headed woman stayed where she was like the owner. After the hot blonde stopped kissing me I saw the red head kissing the owner while she was taking off her skirt. I couldn’t believe what was happing and I was just hopping it wasn’t a dream. As the hot blonde was kissing my neck and ears the dirty blonde was unbuttoning my shirt and desperately trying to get to my chest, which was allot bigger than it is now, but it will get back there again. So I am emerged into what I am doing and it doesn’t take me long to get hard, main reason is because I was just about naked from my waist below because of the dirty blonde and seeing two women make out in front of me. Well now both women made there way down to Penis and were talking turns sucking and kissing it to make me cum. Well unknown to them that was not an easy task to complete, I was hard and they did there best but I never did I was close but I never did. The hot blonde took off her skirt and was guided by the dirty blonde in doing the reverse cowgirl which is my favorite position. She was so wet I think she had cum all ready just by the pure excitement of sucking me off and the feel of the moment, it was quite erotic and a feeling these women must have enjoyed before. It got them of and it was typical of the woman in power who likes to take control, but the best thing is they also like to be taken in control. So knowing this I started to talk to the two women, I told the dirty blonde to play with my balls and lick my shaft while the hot blonde fucks me. I must have interested the redhead because I could see her on the other side of the limo, which was getting pleasured by the owner look at me and said you’re next. The seats in the Bentley must have been specially made because they folder down like a bed, guess she has done this before, because the hot blonde got off and the red head pushed some button and the back seat folder forward. So now I could be flat and please both women, which is what happen, the dirty blonde got on my cock and the hot blonde wanted to know if I could eat pussy. I said get on my face and find out, so she took off her top finally and I saw her great breast, bought or not they were GREAT. She got on my face so I could see her face as the same time I ate her out. I really didn’t have to try that hard because she came after my tongue hit her clit. Being Hispanic I can roll my R’s better than an average American, mostly because of Spanish but it was all natural. Her pussy tasted like sweet orange, I had never tasted anyone like that and of course it makes it more enjoyable. I loved licking that woman and it made me so fucking hard it still makes me hard now just thinking about it. Now the red head had seen how much fun the blonde was having getting oral pleasure from me and this finally made her come over. I think she never joins them because the other two women were surprised that she crawled over and said she wanted some. So the Blonde had finished cumming again and reluctantly got off but I wasn’t done with her yet she got on my cock and the dirty blonde sucked on the hot blondes’ breasts. The red head got on and she tasted like strawberries and it was appropriate but best of all I LOVE strawberries! I gave her the best oral I could ever give a woman, and the Hot blonde on my cock had cum again. Now I finally came but this is what did it for me, the dirty blonde was talking dirty and said to her friend “I want you to cum I want you to cum all over his cock like I did twice, fuck yourself with his cock! That made me cum and they thought I was done but I was not, I have always been a multi sexual man and they took advantage of it. The red head had her hands on my stomach and her legs around my face while I sucked and licked my way to sexual GOD status. I made her cum once but I think she was hard to please but when she came she was a screamer! She almost killed me with her squeezing my head so hard I was just glad that her knees were not on my neck or else I would have passed out. The hot blonde got off and as the dirty blonde was about to get one the red head said she wanted to ride. They must have looked at each other because it was a pause and then the red head was helped to the lower part of my body and inserted herself and I think she really liked it. She felt so warm and she felt like a she was squeezing herself as she slid on. Now one woman the dirty blonde played with the red heads clit as she fucked me as hard and fast as she could bounce. The hot blonde wanted more of my oral action so she asked me if she could get back on for a ride and I said beg. She did and I said you can if you finger fuck yourself while I lick now this was in interesting position and I didn’t think she would be able to do it but I was wrong. Now I have made all the women come but the red head, but I could feel her getting tighter and her moaning was getting louder. I think the playing with the clit by the dirty blonde fucking herself with my cock took her over the edge. Because she came like no one I have ever fucked, she screamed like a banshee and her body shook and contracted like she was convulsing while she came. I thought she was going to rip my dick off. She sat there for a little while and once in a while she would convulse and cum without her bouncing. It was great and the hot blonde came again on my face, but I think this one was her biggest her body gave out and fell on the red heads back. The red head made her way off the golden cock and the dirty blonde wanted the rest. Now the red head was out for the count and the hot blonde had no more energy left to sit up. So I took the dirty blonde as my person conquest to be three for three. I fucked that women with my cock and my fingers, I played with her clit while she fuck herself with my cock and it worked well… Yeah I learned something from them women that night, play with the clit and make them cum cum cum… I think she was so excited and probably never did that before without a woman and she came like crazy. She scratched me on my chest and that was also when I knew I wasn’t into scratching at all… She really dug into my chest and my hard on almost left me, so I know I don’t like it. Well the dirty blonde I was not going to let go until she couldn’t stand so I took her in a missionary position mostly so I could cum again and make sure her legs where tired from fucking or from being stretched so high. I placed her legs on my chest one leg on either side of my head and I fucked her like there was no tomorrow. I finally accomplished my goal and she plus I came again. I took my penis out and she just laid there like the others and smiling… Now I know you guys are wondering what happen to the owner, well she was watching the whole time and playing with herself calmly… We headed back to the resort finally and it felt like we were gone for hours but I really don’t know. We made our way back to the parking lot and the driver parked the car and the phone rang and the owner answered the phone. She said no I will need you later and I will call you. She said to me that she had never seen someone fuck the way I did and it looked like she made a good choice by choosing me to play with her girls. She told me that they were all clean and I had no worries about getting diseases she knew I was clean because all we Marines get checked regularly for everything and she was right. The red head got dressed first and then the hot blonde and both kissed me for the time of there life and asked me if I was going to be in town next weekend. I said no I was done with my school on Friday and I will go back to DC. They said if they make some trips to DC they will call the Headquarters Marine Corps for me and we would hook up again, of course I said yes and I wouldn’t mind. The dirty blonde said to me this one thing, you don’t fuck me like any man I have ever fucked. Not even my husband! OMG my first married woman, no they where all married…. SWEEET! They left the car and I was only left in there with the owner, she talked to me and other things happen but you only asked about the three women not her. But I can tell you this I was pimped out by the Marine Corps and I was its bitch, I got paid for my services that night. The owner told the four hundred was for the cab ride back if I choose to stay the rest of the night but they would be gone or go now and she would call the driver and have him drive me back. She also gave me another envelope that was sealed and she said this is for you. It was thick and it felt like money, yeah it was it was 5 thousand dollars! OMG… OMG! I was a prostitute now…. But I didn’t open it till I got back home, and I was glad I didn’t forget about it when I gathered my things when I got dropped off. I have never seen them again and I never had another experience like that as well… I missed that night, sometimes when I think about it, it makes me sad and very happy. It was something I enjoyed and was impressed about myself while doing and thinking about it. I wish I could do it again….

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Paragrapgs please, paragraphs.

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maybe.... I am still learning...

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Damn, just reading that made my pussy wet... Hurrah!

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