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11/8/2005 4:24 pm

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Hello All

Hopefully in the future we will have something interesting to put in here from future fun.

One of the hottest things I have seen is watching my wife at a club in San Diego, California. This guy was tied up nude to the wall by his wife while my wife, myself and a few other watched. The lady turned around and invited my wife to tease him.

Well after a bit of prodding by the others, she got up and started to lick and nibble at various parts of his body. It was driving him crazy as we was blindfolded. My wife would whisper into his ear, with her sexy Australian accent, things that the rest of us wanted to know.

As she progressed in her teasing, she got down on her knees and took him into her mouth. Now it wasn't difficult for her to take him all the way in as he wasn't all that big. But she stroked and sucked him, cradled his balls and I believe she even fingered his arse.

About that time a friend of ours came in and started to check her oil. He got underneath her and gave her a good lickiing. He later said she was dripping and that he really enjoyed licking on her fresh hot box.

Eventually she started to cum as the guy tied to the wall started to cum. It was very hot and interesting. That one incident often plays in my mind and reminds me of the some of the fun times we had in San Diego.


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