Trinity's History  

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5/27/2006 1:06 pm
Trinity's History

Well it's been sometime since I have updated this blog. I have been a very busy lady.

First I like to say that my new found friend Trinity is a somewhat prejudice towards some people, but let me give you some history. I adoption Trinity because one she is wonderful and very well house trained. So they gave her me her history when I saw her.

The history started like this. This is Trinity, she is about five or seven years old, the owner surrender her so we have a history on her. Her owner was a man in the military. He got his kids on visitations and she always stayed with them when they were visiting so she is good with kids. He said she was great when he had get-togethers with all the visitors. She is very sweet. She does not like other females, but despite what her owner said about her not liking ANY other dogs, she seemed to be very appropriate with males around her size. I have not tested this out and won't.

She wags and wants to play, this I find hard to believe, yes she wags her tail, but as far as playing no way. I have gotten down and tried several things and she looks at me and you get this look like "I'll watch you play and chase the ball or whatever"!

She chases cats, this I can confirm BIG TIME, when I take her out for a walk she can smell them in the air and her eye slight is unreal, for when she stands still and looking after smelling the air, I look and can't see anything, than all of a sudden she will take off like a jet and almost a few times have caught me unguarded and taken my arm and shoulder with her! Thank goodness I am strong!

She is very alert and definitely "GUARDS". She will bark if the stranger is showing some type of unfriendly activity and will block my path, she will never take her eyes off and remains very alert.

She is housebroken and I can a test to that their are times like now I will walk her at 4am and than again at 9pm because Bullmastiffs' do not do well with the Arizona heat. She has never had an accident and hasn't chewed any shoes, she just sleeps on the couch or my bed.

When we were walking 3 times a day, it was cooler her walks were longer about 30 minutes each, she will let you know when it is time to go home. Now it's like 10 to 15 minutes! She does her thing and than wants to go in for some ice water!

However Trinity isn't perfect through she doesn't like dark color skin males mostly Hispanic men, with goatees, or hats and even sunglasses. From what her owner states the previous owner who was Hispanic was possibly putting her or forcing her into dogs fights and didn't treat her well.

This owner in the military also notes that Trinity doesn't like uniform police officers, but I haven't seen anything wrong yet.

However, I do know that she will bark and growl at dark color males with and without goatees and hats, even some white males with sunglasses on and goatees. But when they have taken the sunglasses off she is just fine.

I have taken her to work and recently and everyone that was at the office just gave her all the loving and attention she could have asked for. In fact when we got home she was so worn out that she went to the corner and just fall down and went to sleep soring! When it was time to feed her, she is right by my feet, but this time I had to bring her dish to her and wake her up and she still didn't get up, she just looked at me! I than put her dish back into the kitchen and about 10 minutes later she ate and went back to her corner and laid down and went back to sleep.

I love her, she is truely great and I am so proud that she is part of my family.


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