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7/3/2006 6:06 pm

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My Favorite Authors

I thought I would give you all a list of my favorite authors and some names of my favorite books.

Author/Title of Book

Tom Clancy - Red Storm Rising

David Morehouse - Psychic Warrior "Remote Viewing"

Laurell K. Hamilton - Bloody Bones (Vampires)

Laurell K. Hamilton - A Stroke Of Midnight (Faerie)

Clive Cussler - Atlantis Found (Dirk Pitt Novel)

Gerry Carroll - North S*A*R

Zlata Filipovic - Zlata's Diary

Charles Barkley - Sir Charles - Outrageous

Brian Weiss - Many Lives, Many Masters

Don Pendleton - The Executioner Series

Nevil Shute - On The Beach

William Brinkley - The Last Ship

Kaye Kizziar - Eyes Of The Superstitions

Janet & Colin Bord - Unexplained Mysteries Of The 20th Century

Helen Corbin - The Curse Of The Lost Dutchman's Gold

Jack San Felice - Lore Of The Superstitions

Favorite Authors

Dale Brown

Whitley Strieber

Stanton Friedman

James H. Kyle

Sir John Hackett

John J. Nance

David Darlington

Jenny Randles[/B}

Timothy Good

David S. Lifton

Stephen Hunter

Philip J. Corso, Col.

Jim Marrs

I have a very large collection of books totaling about 1100 books both hardback and paperback.

How do I pick out a book, it's easy, I go and look at the titles and when I find a title that jumps out at me, I than pick up the book and read the flaps and if it holds my interest, I get it, I haven't yet picked out a bad book (oop's better knock on wood).


yogagrrl 48

7/3/2006 6:28 pm

Have you ever been to the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur, CA? It's an awesome place with Miller's spirit all around.

AzCdKayle replies on 7/3/2006 9:10 pm:
No I haven't, but I have heard of it. It's one of places I would like to go and see like Zane Grey's cabin here in Sedona, Az.

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