A Sleek, Tight Ride  

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7/15/2006 11:25 am

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A Sleek, Tight Ride

Many closet doors still remain discreetly closed doors regarding a topic such as this topic, as is expected with the depth and observation of highlights written on the subject. Some of you might be reluctant to openly broach this subject in the forum or chat room. If so you wish to email me privately you can contact me.

Have any of you ever tried enemas for colon cleansing? As a student of study if this philosophy I repeatedly carry out my research, by means of administering a warm/hot water deuce to maintain the rear end is sanitized for safety. I preserve the pipe is hygienic, clean and as novel as humanly feasible. The sensations I feel while the solution lubricates the chassis sends me into another space or orbit! ... over the Moon! Usually leaving me purring like a satisfied leopard.

The volume of warm water enters through my rectum, approaching the capacity of my colon. I retain a personal preference to restrict muscle release for a number of minutes, building to the pinnacle of belief that the greater the elapsed time for fluid retention equates to the highest expectation of colon cleansing. Once attained, I blissfully allow unrestricting discharge when the cleansing flow removes practically the complete collection of substantive contaminants. I repeat this as desired; do not prolong the practice for longer than one hour.

Put into practice by generations of Yogi’s, this body cleansing has been carried through generations, to maintain competent bodily function of a sanitary living being. With significant knowledge and understanding of this exercise, Yogi’s for generations have accepted, put into practice and followed the same purpose in preparation for meditation periods. These meditation periods can last several days. Their expectation by the way of meditation is to; clear the mind, cleans the body and rejuvenate the soul of the forward looking yogi.

Such consistent tune-ups ensure that this sport coupe is always capable of peak performance and eager to accommodate new and enthusiastic passengers and the occasional drivers, picture yourself in the drivers seat, equipped to penetrate the rear end on this tight bottom’s foundation!

Take it for a test drive you'll be convinced by the way it handles; it hugs tight onto your muscle as you thrust, plunge and probe it’s depth as you seek to attain the ideal climax contained by my crevasse. Drive it hard into the tight curves and see how it holds on taut, how it responds immediately to the rhythm of your escalating pulse. As you take control and explode within those curves make certain to carry extra enthusiasm for certainly you are going to blow your load! It's a hot red Indy pace car on some days and on others a Sleek silver Porsche Cantera GT.

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