Can you believe this response I got from "beckyts_titties??  

AwaitingOnUall 62M
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8/14/2005 6:48 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Can you believe this response I got from "beckyts_titties??

The first message of course is mine to her wanting to know if she would like to get together, I don't think I was rude, I certainly was to the point, but not real graphic...and her response is something I never expected. I have a real urge to send her a lengthy email that would make her feel uglier than she really is.

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Date: Aug 14, 2005 8:21 PM EDT

> Sender: AwaitingOnUall
> To: beckyts_titties
> Date: Aug 12, 2005 10:46 PM EDT
> you must get a lot of emails from guys, but I'll give it a try....I'm 51 but decent looking, was considered quite good looking when I was younger, so I think I still have some of the 'leftover'... 6 ft, not a body builder but in ok shape...maybe considered 'a little extra padding' some would say 'bear' kinda hairy. Over all looks should be ok, but I only have an average size we we. It's average, but it works REAL GOOD. So as long as you aren't into huge, then we (we) shouldn't have a problem there. (Like the 'wewe part? lol) I can send a nude pic but I don't send face ones, just a preference, I tell anyone if they arent happy with the way I look then parting is something I don't have a problem with, hasn't happened.
> I like oral, especially on you (me to you) I noticed on your profile about respectful, and that I am, so I won't go into big detail of what I like doing, (I like especially penetration). I'm not into weird stuff, or pain, anal I can do without, woman have entry ways that are much nicer and more edible. I have to stop here, Im getting horny.
> Anyway, if you're interested please be sincere, and wanting to get together, I've had too many dead ends who seem to like just emailing and getting photos, getting real sick of that. I want to have sex with a woman who is horny and wants it as bad as I do. So, I hope to hear from you.....bye for's an email if you prefer to write there to:
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> From: beckyts_titties

> I'm here like everyone else, looking for gratification, friend with the right person....not relationship, but friend....someone to talk to, who is honest, decent with good intentions.
go fuck yourself you old basterd

izufun4me 52M
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8/15/2005 4:44 pm

Well, I agree that her response was incredibly rude, but you have to realize that when you write someone who has made it clear that your profile is not what she's intersted in (age), that you take your chances on being insulted for writing in the first place. Hell, I'm in my early 40's, and when I went to her profile, it said I was out of her age range (she's 28, so not unusual). Calling you an old bastard is rude, but she also probably considered your letter "rude" also since you obviously ignored what she was looking for. You may not like the fact that a 28 year-old thinks you're over-the-hill and ready for your daily dose of Viagra, but she does have the right to indicate what she is looking for and expect those not meeting that criteria would have the intelligence not to bother her with emails. Something to think about.

I know what I've written makes it sound like I think she was justified in writing what she did (which I don't). Bottom line is if you don't want responses like that, don't assume that you're going to be the exception to what the ladies are looking for.

AwaitingOnUall 62M
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8/15/2005 8:19 pm

Thanks for your insight, I think you were trying to be impartial, but I will respond that, what I am guilty for is not realizing what her age request was or exactly what age group she was looking for, that was and oversight. But, regardless of the oversight, aka a mistake, something like "I'm looking for another type of person, sorry" or something similar.....if you noticed her response, the first part seemed quite tame, then she gets to the bottom line, and tells me to go fuck myself?? Give me a fucking break! I don't give a damn who defends her, how she is defended, that she is right, partly right, or in your case, she is right and wrong...and I am wrong. Someone shows a little interest, but overlooks a compatibiltiy area, does not call for a rude, lousy comment like that. Period. No excuse. And just as a little added note, I doubt I will EVER need viagra, ever. And another added note, I would be the best looking fuck she will ever have in her fat life. Maybe I should post a comment directly to her, to let her know how I feel. After her comment, I'm done fucking cows, box spring can't take it anyway.

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