My Babysitter when i was 11.  

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3/21/2006 3:19 pm

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My Babysitter when i was 11.

Thought i might share this one with you another true story about my babysitter when i reached puberty.

I reached puberty at the age of 11, i was always advanced for my age, and was over 6ft tall when i was 12.

We had a regular baby sitter who was a friend of the family and had apparently looked after us from when we were tiny, helping my parents have some time to themselves, by looking after my 2 sisters and myself.

Like most guys reaching puberty i used to masturbate all the time, in the shower, toilet, my bedroom, lounge room and in my parents room when they weren't at home.....even in my sisters rooms.

Well one night i noticed our sitter staring at the crotch of my pyjamas...... and instantly my cock started hardening.... i couldn't help it !!
Her gaze didnt move for minutes and i was squirming on the couch and in the end had to put a cushion on my lap being unused to mind was racing, so i took my rock hard cock and went to bed i needed to wank badly.
She was nothing special to look at, a very big girl, and i wanked furiously while fantasising
about her...... as often happened when i was extremely horny i came so hard, while lying on my bed, that my cum squirted over my face and into the wall behind my head. Fuck i was hot.

Anyway a short while later she went to bed too..... our spare room was a couple of metres down the hallway from mine but with my door open i could see into her room......i watched her undress and just got a glimpse of her AMPLE tits before she put her nighty on.
She glanced up and saw me peeking through my doorway, i only had it open a few inches and should have turned the light out beforehand.
My heart was racing, but she said nothing and turned her light off.
I was masturbating again and then i thought fuck it, it would be horny as if she was watching me through my door. So i turned my light on and opened the door just a couple more inches, the light brightening her room too, i could just make out her room and her figure in the bed.

I proceeded to sit on the floor leaning against my bed so the angle was just right and IF she was looking could see me i was EXCITED, just at the thought she may be looking.

I was whipping the dripping so hard as my mind raced i came oll over my chest, bucket loads, it was one of the most exciting orgasms i had ever had.......
I looked up and wow, i could see her head raised and she was obviously watching......i then cleaned myself in the same position and licked my fingers of all the cum, i still do that.

I remember being so excited i was shaking, and nervous and stood up and turned the light off and to bed.
This scenario became a common occurance for years after......i would see her looking at my groin and have to wank, and try to let her see.
In fact a few times i stayed where i was, if no one else was around, and let my cock grow under her gaze and actually steer it out of the opening flap at the front of my pjs. Acting like i didnt know she was watching.....with my erection fully exposed..... she would just stare and my cock would leak copious amounts of pre cum.
Perhaps many of us have fantasies over our babysitters and that was me.....but being the sort of guy i am i wanted more.
It wasn't until 20 years later in my mid 30s (she was 13 years older)that i decided "fuck it" not gonna die wondering, and i rung her up.
I think she suspected something was on my mind (she had never married) and invited me over for dinner.
Well i made it obvious during the night, being suggestive and making sure she saw ME perving on her tits....which were enormous.....
So i made my move and pashed her with the heat and horniness of 20 years of fantasies.
We fucked and played all night and it was one of the best experiences of my life......i was so glad i made it become reality after all that wanking and fantasising as a young boy.

Nver die wondering i reckon, your only here once !!!

funtastic675 49M  
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3/23/2006 12:26 am

This is a gr8 story. You went after your fantasies.

Makes me wantto ring up my year 7 home economics teacher or my year 10 PE teacher.

Don't know what they will think of me, since I used to get detentions from them all of the time for not concentrating in class

Gemini_62 29F
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4/11/2006 8:40 am


ur both funny.

matty tht was excellent and im glad it all came thro 4 u.

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